3 Ways a Great LinkedIn Company Page Empowers the Sales Team

October 15, 2018

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When it comes to B2B social media management, the LinkedIn Company Page generally falls in the realm of marketing. It is, after all, an ideal location to convey your brand identity, share content, and capture inbound interest.

But sales reps are also wise to take a vested interest in this asset, because there are distinct ways — aside from the general business benefits previously mentioned — that Company Pages can benefit the sales team specifically.

3 Ways Your LinkedIn Company Page Can Help the Sales Team

Let’s start with this: at a time when the majority of buyers complete research and select vendors on their own, it’s important even for salespeople to adopt an inbound mindset. Outreach will always be part of the job, but modern sales pros recognize that it’s essential to be discoverable and approachable.

What’s better than a conversation initiated by a prospect who is already primed for purchase and familiar with you or your company?

1. Rich Source of Information About Your Brand

There’s a good chance a prospective customer researching your solution will come across your LinkedIn Company Page along the way. This can certainly work to the seller’s advantage.

An optimized Company Page will feature clear and compelling information about your business and what it offers. As such, the prospect can enter a sales conversation better informed, saving time and creating momentum to move forward. This also turns your Company Page into a handy resource where sellers can direct people to learn more.

2. Method to Discover Salespeople

Your business can leverage the Company Page as a platform to prop up and feature members of the sales team. Mention top reps in the About Us copy, or feature them in your updates. Profiles of sellers also might show up under the employees section (especially if that seller is connected in any way with the perusing member), creating a pathway for contact to be made.

Familiarity is critical, but tough to generate in a digital environment. One key strength of LinkedIn for B2B sales pros is that potential buyers can gain some level of familiarity with unacquainted sellers by exploring a rep’s profile, seeing his or her face, and learning about their professional background. By taking steps to make the sales team visible on your Company Page and related assets, you’re helping facilitate this.

3. Showcase Pages Can Serve as Specialized Resources

If your company sells across several distinct business lines, it can be challenging for a single Company Page or corporate website to effectively convey the information a customer needs about specific products or services. This is where Showcase Pages come in handy.

Showcase Pages are dedicated offshoots of the Company Page, designed to highlight particular sub-brands, business units, or initiatives. This page can be used to reach a more qualified audience through refined targeting, and the content there will speak more directly to discrete solutions in a seller’s niche (while also perhaps highlighting that seller’s expertise, in accordance with the tip above). And again, this equips buyers to come to the table more informed and confident.

Come Together on Your Company Page

Marketing should usually be in charge of running the Company Page, but this is a terrific opportunity for alignment and collaboration with sales. Bring both sides together to maximize this asset as a business development tool and optimize its value to the sales team.

Considering the low investment and major upside of making even a few strategic tweaks, it should be an easy call.

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