Read This Guide if You Want to Generate More Sales Leads with InMail

April 3, 2018

Read This Guide if You Want to Generate More Leads with InMail

Email remains a useful channel for today’s B2B sales pros and marketers, but it’s growing increasingly difficult to gain visibility in professional inboxes.

Offering a more reliable method for initiating online conversations, InMail is gaining popularity as a way to reach customers, prospects, and peers. These direct deliveries on LinkedIn get three times higher response rates than email and are highly customizable to meet the expectations of today’s buyers.

But success is never automatic. At LinkedIn, our data and experiences have uncovered a number of actions and techniques that vastly improve the odds of getting your InMail noticed and receiving a reply. We’ve compiled all these insights and turned them into an actionable guide for social sellers: Read Me If You Want to Improve Your Response Rates on InMail.

One of our primary recommendations for composing InMails is to keep them concise and to-the-point, so it only felt natural to ensure no words were wasted in this condensed collection of InMail best practices for sales pros.

With one quick read, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a more targeted approach so you’re always reaching out with purpose
  • Make InMails more personalized and relevant to their recipients
  • Optimize your subject line for higher open rates
  • Craft attention-grabbing intros that compel readers to explore further
  • Improve readability through simplified writing and the Rule of Three
  • Follow next steps to turn a response into a productive two-way conversation

By combining the right set of tactics and injecting your own personal touch, you can turn InMail into one of your most effective digital sales tools and a critical component of your social selling strategy.

Download Read Me If You Want to Improve Your Response Rates on InMail and take your sales prospecting game on LinkedIn to the next level.