9 Sales Productivity Tools to Supercharge Your Team

March 6, 2019

Sales Productivity Tools Move the Needle

Do you know what all sales managers have in common?

They all want to know the answer to one important question: How can I ensure my team is remaining consistently productive and focused — even during lulls and downtime?

Okay, managers across all industries have this in common. And it’s because they know that a focused and productive workforce is a profitable workforce. Sales leaders that are able to take advantage of the right technologies for supporting their teams are gaining an edge by enabling reps to focus on the most important work and sell smarter.

Top Sales Productivity Tools to Bolster Your Results

There’s no shortage of capable sales productivity tools to choose from. But finding the right tool for your team—and one that actually boosts productivity—is usually easier in theory than in execution. You don’t have time to test each tool out there, but you don’t want to rely on guesswork, either.

We’re here to help. Check out some of our favorite sales acceleration, CRM, and sales intelligence tools.

Sales Acceleration Tools

As the name suggests, sales acceleration tools are primarily designed to increase sales velocity and shorten deal cycles. They do this through a variety of means: automating aspects of the sales process, connecting reps to qualified opportunities more quickly, and facilitating more fruitful engagements.

1. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a sales prospecting and automation software that helps sales reps create their own customized process for monitoring and regulating sales development emails, calls, and other activities.

And the best part? It works in tandem with LinkedIn to generate lists of contact information to help you take the first step toward establishing a connection and developing a relationship with a prospect.

2. Yesware

Email is great, but without knowing who opens your emails or clicks on your links, you may be reaching out to the wrong people. Yesware gives you greater insight into who is responding to your emails, so you have a better idea of who to target or follow up with. It can be integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Gmail, and Salesforce to help your team maintain efficiency using the tools they already know.

3. Outreach

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that integrates with your CRM and inbox to help you reach out to prospective leads with confidence. Outreach helps you craft successful emails and phone calls, nurture relationships online, and manage your pipeline with greater predictability.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Today, customer relationship management (CRM) software is among the most common tools for sales and marketing teams. Your CRM system helps you manage interactions with customers and nurture your relationships with potential customers.

4. SalesForce

SalesForce is a prominent player in the CRM game. It is a lead management tool that provides on-demand services helping companies manage customer communications.

SalesForce helps sellers develop relationships with their customers, nurture leads, forecast revenue, and track prospects. It also integrates with Sales Navigator to help you further research leads, as well as cross-sync data between the two platforms.

5. Dynamics 365

Designed by Microsoft, Dynamics 365 uses artificial intelligence to deliver prescriptive guidance for greater business results. When coupled with Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 helps you and your sales team drive more personalized and meaningful engagements with buyers.

It enables you to keep track of buyers and their needs, engage them with personalized content, and respond to recommendations crafted to help you build stronger relationships.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is a reliable CRM for companies of virtually any size. Offering a range of features—including contact management, email scheduling, and integration with Gmail and Outlook, HubSpot CRM is a go-to platform to help your team build deeper and more meaningful relationships with contacts.

Sales Intelligence Tools

Lastly, we’d be remiss not to tell you about the additional features available through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. As the leading sales intelligence tool, Sales Navigator offers comprehensive features to make your sales process streamlined and highly effective. Here are three Sales Navigator features that users love.

7. Sales Navigator for Gmail

Say goodbye to the days of clicking back and forth between tabs to ensure you’re remembering someone’s name, company, or title correctly. Sales Navigator for Gmail increases efficiency and therefore productivity by allowing you to pull up a contact’s professional info right in Gmail, saving you the hassle of flipping through your many open tabs (hey, we aren’t judging) to find the appropriate information.

8. Deals

Sales Navigator Deals is a must for sales teams focused on collaborative pipeline management. Deals provides you and your team with a shared view of contacts, helps you identify key stakeholders in a deal, and seamlessly integrates with many CRMs for real-time data syncing.

9. TeamLink

TeamLink allows you and your team to view and search the connections of others in your organization, so you can leverage their connections to build out a stronger pipeline. With the power of your entire team’s network behind you, you can determine who might be able to introduce you to additional prospects.

Which Sales Productivity Tools Are Right for Your Team?

The vast number of different sales productivity tools exist for a reason. Each tool brings something unique to the table to fit the needs of different companies. With an understanding of which tools are available and how their capabilities can benefit your team, you’ll be equipped to make more meaningful connections and establish deeper sales relationships with future customers.

Learn more about Sales Navigator and how it helps sales teams do more with less.