Trending This Week: Summer Reading for Sales Pros

June 29, 2018

Sales Books

It’s summer. Are you ready to hit the beach? How about the books?

We’re not talking about calculus here. We’re talking about taking time to soak up insights from sales and business leaders as you soak up the rays.

There’s no question that reading can bolster your chances of success. Did you know that 88% of self-made millionaires read at least 30 minutes a day? Books written by business and sales leaders allow us to learn from the best and challenge us to be better at sales and at life.

Leading this week’s trending content are posts about books that will strengthen your sales skills and grow your business acumen. Also highlighted are posts to help you combat negativity and build stronger connections with prospects.

Here’s What Sales Professionals Were Reading and Sharing This Week:

4 New Business Books You Should Read Before the End of Summer

Whether you’re interested in boosting your business acumen, learning new skills, or just being entertained, you’ll find something of interest in Jeff Haden's new and upcoming book selections. Check out his list for tips on the latest books about emotional intelligence, growth IQ, and a Silicon Valley scandal.

22 Books Highly Recommended by Successful People

This list by Christina Desmarais includes recommendations from nearly two dozen successful executives. There are some oldies-but-goodies on the list like Good To Great by Jim Collins and some interesting newer choices like Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets by Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Maney. Check out the list and add what you like to your own reading list.

10 Negative Mindset Infections That Destroy Success

A bad attitude can affect everything—especially our chances of success. This is the point Anthony Iannarino makes in this post. Negative mindsets can sabotage sales pros from the very beginning and throughout the sales process. If we have a fear of failure, will we even try? If we are pessimistic or cynical, will push forward through a difficult conversation? If we feel entitled or ungrateful, will we show the prospect the proper respect? As Innario says, “The first step in removing these infections is an awareness that you have them.” Check out the post to learn how you can self correct for negativity.

5 Greatest Needs Analysis Questions You Can Ask Any Prospect. Not.

If you’re looking for a magical list of prospecting questions that will open every door and close every sale, you won’t find it in this post. That’s because, according to author Jim Hopes, such a list doesn’t exist. Instead, Hopes offers tips to help sales pros tailor their needs analysis questions so that we can create our own magic—no wand necessary.

How to Use Your Funnel to Grow Your Business

This post by Liz Heiman is an excellent refresher on building and leveraging a sales funnel to support business and sales strategies. Check out the post for typical funnel stages, factors that impact funnel ratios, and to learn why Heiman argues for the term “funnel” over “pipeline.”

Sales Presentations Are Easy; Creating a Connection Is Hard

According to Amy Appleyard, the key to a successful sales presentation is making a connection with the audience. In this post, Appleyard highlights ways we can better engage prospects both during and after the presentation.

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