Trending this Week: The Attention Span of the B2B Buyer

October 19, 2018

Remember that now debunked research claiming that humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish? Can you believe that we bought into those statistics for even eight seconds? Have you ever known a goldfish to binge watch an entire season of Game of Thrones? Please, that goldfish wouldn’t get through the opening credits of Finding Nemo.

The State of Attention 2018 Report from Prezi reinforces that the attention span of the B2B buyer isn’t floundering. It’s just evolving as prospects become more discerning about what they want to consume. If you’re offering generic flakes of content, it’s unlikely that you’ll even get a nibble. But, if you go beyond the standard fare to offer fresh content, your prospects are much more likely to bite.

While fresh veggies may be surefire way to retain a goldfish’s attention for extended period of time, B2B prospects expect more. According to the Prezi survey, 90% desire a strong narrative or story, and nearly 80% indicate that audience engagement hinges on animated visuals. In other words, B2B buyers expect binge-worthy infotainment. But before you hire extras or commission someone to build a set, check out this week’s trending sales content. Keeping your B2B prospects' attention well past the closing credits may be easier than you think.

Here’s What Sales Professionals Are Reading and Sharing This Week:

Creating Effective Sales Pitches with Secrets from Netflix

When you’re presenting to a B2B buyer, do you ever feel their attention wandering? It’s not your imagination; 4 out of 5 professionals who responded to Prezi’s survey admitted that their attention shifted away from the speaker in the most recent presentation they watched. In this post, Adam Wooley teaches you how to include compelling visuals, repeat key story elements, use cliffhangers, and skip the drawn-out intro to make your presentations more binge-worthy and less snooze-worthy.

This "Unfair Advantage"​ is the Secret Behind Top-Notch Sales Teams

Do you have one competitor that is virtually impossible to sell against? Do you wonder what they have that you don’t? Is it a superstar rep, untouchable value, or an incredible training program? Any are likely but it could also be something even more basic. In this post, Chris Orlob shares insights that Gong Labs garnered from listening to two million sales calls. Read the post to learn about how market-leading sales teams separate themselves from the pack.

Build Your Sales Skills: A Playbook for Introverts

You don’t need be extroverted to succeed in sales. But, to be effective, introverted sales pros must sell differently. In this post, Nancy Ancowitz talks with Matthew Pollard, the author of The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone. Pollard shares how YouTube helped him perfect his sales craft and shares his seven-step process for achieving an introvert’s edge in sales.

The Most Important Thing In Sales

What is the deciding factor that will help you reach the pinnacle of sales performance? Personality? Prospecting? Presentation? Find out how Anthony Iannarino answers this question in a post which also addresses the need for intangibles such as strength of character, humor, and a sense of purpose.

You Blew It. So What. Now What? How to Recover From A Sales Blunder

In this post, Shawn Karol Sandy highlights ways sales pros can increase resiliency. After a phenomenal failure—or even a stunning success—saying, “So what. Now what?” can help refocus your attention and allow you to move forward. Check out the post to learn other ways resilient people behave differently.

15 Non-Cheesy Mantras That Will Immediately Boost Your Confidence

We all have ways of dealing with disappointment. Positive self-talk, including repeatable mantras, can be an especially effective way for everyone, including sales pros, to get back into the right headspace. Despite preconceptions, mantras don’t always have to be as cheesy as “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” Check out the post by Marina Khidekel to learn how professionals in a variety of fields bounce back from their setbacks.

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