Calling All Sales Pros: The State of Sales Pocket Guide is Here

January 23, 2019

State of Sales Pocket Guide

The only thing better than a comprehensive report is possibly all the “good bits” in said report being wrapped up in a handy pocket guide for on-the-go perusal.

Sales professionals understand that the current sales landscape is changing dramatically and that includes the buyer experience. (Pro-Tip: You’re no longer compared to the previous buying experience, you’re compared to EVERY buyer experience.)

Because we cannot stop the inevitable march of time (whoops, didn’t mean to get grim), we’re presenting our popular, annual 2018 State of Sales report in a condensed format because sometimes, you just need the cold, hard facts.

A few salient details you’ll discover in the pocket guide are:

  1. Technology helps close your deals, but the human element is still needed aka the robots don’t win… yet.
  2. Love thy neighbor: Closing deals without marketing and sales orchestration is folly of the highest order. While most orgs are beginning to see the light, there are still data silos. Let’s share.
  3. Hold on, I need to take a selfie… Millennials are absolutely the key to your success. Don’t count us out. We’re here. We’re early adopters. Get used to it.

B2B sales professionals, we have good news: The State of Sales pocket guide is your new secret weapon in the evolution of the profession.

Get started on the road to success in 2019 and access the pocket guide here.