17 Heartbreaking GIFs for Sales Professionals (and How to Get Over Them This Valentine' Day)

February 12, 2019


In a rewarding yet challenging profession, sometimes heartbreak is unavoidable. 

Even the most successful sellers are bound to encounter their shares of rejection, setbacks, and difficult encounters. It comes with the territory.

The best way to overcome these inevitable bumps in the road is to shake them off (and realize that LinkedIn provides tools to help you avoid these situations). To help you out with this, we’ve assembled a collection of GIFs we suspect most salespeople can relate to.

This Valentine's Day, we want you know know you're not alone in tough times. These GIFs encapsulate many common scenarios inherent to the business. Scroll through - laugh, cry, and know that you're not in this alone.

When those leads from marketing aren’t hitting the mark:

When you flew to Des Moines and the sales meeting got canceled:

When computer glitches wreck your pitch:

When you miss your flight and you get that middle seat:

When your rental car doesn’t have satellite radio:

When that person you thought was a decision maker isn’t even an influencer:

When you’re dealing with some serious egos (We have those in sales.)



When you’re having difficult hiring quality sales reps:

When sales reps can’t seem to get on the same page:

When your numbers aren’t meeting forecasts or quotas:

When you get a dismally bad prospecting email and have second hand embarrassment for sales professionals everywhere:

When you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for that contract to be signed. Still waiting:

That time the decision maker changed jobs, and you didn’t know it:

That time when you found out, too late, that there was one more crucial influencer on the buying committee:

When it’s to update your CRM contacts:

When they raised your quota, again:

Any of these look (or feel) familiar? We've got you. LinkedIn can help you get over the heartbreak. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help fix these issues or even make sure they don't happen in the first place. 

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