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Find the right person, the best path in, and the right thing to say.


A new generation of success

A typical sales team gets up to 30% of leads from marketing. To be successful, today’s sales reps need to fill their own pipeline with high-quality prospects. Our sales prospecting tool provides unparalleled prospecting capabilities.

Sales is a team sport

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a sales team is transformed from a collection of individuals leveraging their own networks, to a team leveraging a company-wide network.

Scalable social selling

Millions of sales professionals use LinkedIn every day for prospecting and networking, but only LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps companies create scalable social selling programs.


Leverage the network: TeamLink

TeamLink uncovers hidden connections to find the best path to higher quality prospects more quickly. By instantly broadening a sales professional’s network to include everyone in the company, teams can exponentially increase the number of reachable prospects. The TeamLink connections search filter yields prospects who have connections to your team, helping you focus on the best prospects.

Sales leads supercharged: Lead Builder & Premium Search

Find the right people in LinkedIn’s 225M+ member base. Create lead lists with Lead Builder using custom criteria to find new accounts, or upload your named accounts. Premium search filters help you find the right people faster. Filter by TeamLink Connections, Seniority, Company Size, and up to six more.

Lead Builder & Premium Search
Full Profiles and Names

Effective sales prospecting: Full profiles and names

Know more about prospects before reaching out. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have access to profile details of 3rd degree connections including complete work history. The Sales Executive plan also displays full names of 3rd degree connections. Now sales prospecting is more effective with more data at your fingertips.

Sales enterprise management

Get key insights into your team’s activity on LinkedIn, providing the data you need to make decisions about your program. Trend graphs help you gauge the adoption of your best practices and proactively identify red flags, and individual reporting lets you stay on top of which reps are excelling and which reps need more training and assistance.

Enterprise Management
CRM Integration

CRM integration

Turn your contact records into rich profiles by seeing LinkedIn information directly in or Microsoft Dynamics. Search for new prospects directly in your CRM and view profile details including photos, current roles, and work history.

Additional Features

Search Alerts

Search Alerts

Whenever you run a filtered search you can save it and we'll tell you when there's a new result to view.
InMail Messages

InMail Messages

Bypass gatekeepers with InMail. Send messages to people outside your network even if you don't have their email address.
Profile Organizer

Profile Organizer

Save and categorize profiles into custom folders. Organize by industry, account, or any way you prefer, and add notes to profiles.
See Who's Viewed Your Profile

See Who's Viewed Your Profile

Get the whole list and see how they're finding you. Reach out to people interested in you to create new opportunities.

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