Not too long ago, innovation in sales meant having the latest technology and automation tools – or leveraging social media to build relationships at scale. Today, these things are a given. They’ll keep your team in the game – but they’ll no longer keep you ahead of it. To win in the next wave of sales innovation, you need more.

If you can't make the online event, you can still join us online for The LinkedIn Sales Technology Summit. We will be live in London on November 7th, we’ll be exploring the new sources of competitive advantage in sales with leaders of some of the world’s most successful, high-performance teams:

  • A special guest will join us to discuss the DNA of winning team cultures
  • Top-performing modern sales leaders on getting more from your technology stack
  • How the use of insights is reshaping the selling landscape
  • Your insider preview of the next generation of Sales Navigator tools

We’ll be examining how to take modern selling to the next level, how to meet changing buyer expectations, and how to go beyond automation to get new levels of insight from sales technology. 

Save the date and join us online for the next wave of sales innovation

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Liam Halpin
Liam Halpin
Senior Director
Head Of LinkedIn Sales Solutions for EMEA & LATAM
Lindsey Edwards
Lindsey Edwards
Sr. Director Product Management
Sales Solutions and Enterprise Platform