Setting Up

To get started with Deals, click on ‘Deals’ on the top navigation bar of Sales Navigator, or go to

From here, you will:

1. Connect Deals to your CRM.

By connecting your CRM, Deals will access your teams’ Opportunities and Contacts. You will have the same level of authority to view or edit fields that you do in your CRM.

2. Select your role.

By selecting 'Sales Manager', you enable the ability to select team members and view their Opportunities and Contacts.

3. Select your team.

  • Note: If you can view a team member's Opportunities in CRM, you can also view them in Deals, whether or not they have a Sales Navigator license.
  • Note: If you would like to grant a team member a Sales Navigator license, reach out to your Sales Navigator Admin.

You can always go back to onboarding and add or remove team members by revisiting the onboarding:

Finding Leads


If you run into any technical issues:

Visit the LinkedIn Sales Help Center for technical articles that answer the most frequently asked questions.

To learn more tips and best practices:

Visit the the Customer Hub for links to live webinar sessions and on-demand learning resources that you can share with others.