Top Navigation

Image of Top Navigation bar
  1. Home - Takes you to your Sales Navigator Homepage where you can view updates on your saved leads and accounts, and your Social Selling Index status.
  2. Lists - Access your lists of saved leads, saved accounts, and LinkedIn connections.
  3. Discover - Check out new lead and account recommendations that are based on your sales preferences.
  4. Inbox - Access your Sales Navigator inbox and your LinkedIn inbox.
  5. Settings - Set your Sales Preferences and Email Preferences under Account settings.
  6. Pointdrive - Use PointDrive to send and track sales communciations to your customers.
  7. App Switcher - The App Switcher allows you to navigate between LinkedIn apps available to your account.


Image of Search
  1. Keyword or Boolean - Search bar is now bigger to give you more room to enter additional keywords right away
  2. Advanced - Advanced search gives you access to 30+ sales filters to better tailor your next search for leads or accounts
  3. Saved Search - The Saved Searches feature alerts you when we find new people that match your ideal buyer profile, based on your sales preferences


Image of News filters
  1. Top Filters - Tailor your newsfeed by using the filters on the left
  2. Updates - Choose between viewing "Most Important" updates or "Most Recent" updates
  3. Spotlight - Filter your feed specifically by sales update type, including Job Changes, Suggested Leads, and News and Shares


Image of Profile tools
  1. Share Updates - You can share updates to LinkedIn directly without leaving Sales Navigator. Post meaningful content to engage with your prospects and show that you are a social selling leader
  2. Who's Viewed Your Profile - See the full list of who’s viewed your profile over the last 90 days and quickly reach out or save them as leads