Sales Manager Checklist

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Create a Professional Brand

Establish a professional presence on LinkedIn with a complete profile:

  • Is your profile complete? (photo, summary, headline, rich media, etc.)
  • Are you receiving endorsements? At least three?
  • Are your prospects viewing your profile?
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Build Strong Relationships

Expand your network to reach prospects and those who can introduce you to prospects:Profile completeness:

  • Are you connected with second and third degree connections in your network?
  • Are you connecting with VP level and above?
  • Are you personalizing your connection requests?
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Find the right people

Prospect efficiently with powerful search and research capabilities:

  • Are you logging into Sales Navigator daily?
  • Are you saving targeted searches via Lead Builder?
  • Have you saved at least your top 10 accounts and seven leads per account?
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Engage with Insights

Discover and share valuable information to initiate or maintain a relationship:

  • Are you sending at least 20 InMails per month?
  • Are you engaging with your prospects’ posts? (via likes, comments, shares, etc.)
  • Are you joining and participating in key LinkedIn groups?