Why It's Important?

PointDrive allows sellers to share personalized and engaging content with buyers, and track viewer activity to better gauge intent and follow up more effectively. Not only is receiving a PointDrive a far better experience than receiving attachments via email, but sellers receive viewer activity data for anyone who views the PointDrive - not just the person it was originally sent to.

How to Create a PointDrive

1. In Sales Navigator, click the PointDrive logo in the upper right hand menu bar. It is the first icon to the right of your profile photo. 

2. On the upper right corner, click New Presentation

3. You need to Add a Title and optionally add a personalized welcome message.

4. To add content click on Insert content. 

5. You can choose to inset a File, Link, Video, or a Map. Once the content is uploaded, you can change the name and description of the asset. 

6. You can add more content by clicking +Add New Entry