How Is Digitalisation Changing B2B Sales?

Technology is changing the world of business – and sales isn’t immune. It’s changing how sales relationships are formed and forged. It’s streamlining the sales process and altering the number of stakeholders involved.

Sales people have more tools and techniques than ever before. But of course, this also means more challenges.

Our upcoming webinar gives you a chance to better understand this landscape in flux. It will give you tips on how to embrace sales technology to find success.

Learn from Rebecca Schnauffer, Director, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, about tomorrow’s sales world, including:

  • The changing expectations from B2B buyers
  • How technology can help win trust
  • What the future holds for sales and marketing alignment
  • How to prepare your sales strategy for tomorrow

Featured Speaker

Rebecca Schnauffer
Rebecca Schnauffer
Director, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, UKI