Live with Sales Leaders:
Buyer First: A Vision for the Future of Selling

On-Demand Recording
Duration: 60 minutes

Live with Sales Leaders: Buyer First: A Vision for the Future of Selling

We’ve reached a breaking point in the sales industry: our data suggest that buyers don’t feel that sellers are putting their needs first. Plaintively, they just want someone to listen to them.

Buyer-damaging sales techniques are rampant these days, and we’re looking to raise awareness and infuse a new ethos in the selling process. Buyer First is a new and exciting model that represents the future of selling, be it virtual or eventually in person again.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar for a new home edition of Live with Sales Leaders as we discuss radical new principles for the future of selling and always putting the buyer first.

Watch the on-demand webinar!

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Jonathan Lister
Jonathan Lister
Vice President
LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Mary Shea
Mary Shea
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research