35 Talent Leader Quotes to Pump You Up for 2015

January 9, 2015

Where on earth did 2014 go? It felt like a high-speed blur! Especially the last quarter, which was filled with binge planning meetings, frantic req closing and magical headcount forecasting before everyone checked out before the holiday.

Now, you emerge from a relaxing break only to be thrown into the new year with those unfinished reqs, looming talent needs and new goals to achieve. Talk about a rude awakening.

To get motivated, I turn to one of my favorite talent memories from last year: Talent Connect.

BetweenTalent Connect San Francisco and Talent Connect London, over 150 speakers dropped valuable knowledge on recruiters and directors alike. From practical advice to fascinating thought leadership, we pulled together some of the top 35 sound bites heard at both conferences. Here, we highlight our favorite 10, but be sure to click through the SlideShare below to see all 35. These inspirational quotes will surely light the fire underneath you.

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Find one that speaks to your recruiting soul? Share that with your team and social networks to inspire others. You can also dig deeper by watching the presentations on TC365.

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