Hyper-Personalization Is the Next Big Thing For Employee Experience - Here’s What It Means For You

July 13, 2017

At the beginning of the year, LinkedIn’s Pat Wadors and Brendan Browne predicted the six top trends in HR and Talent Acquisition. Among these was “hyper-personalization” of the employee experience.

Yes, that term’s a mouthful - but it really just means giving employees greater choice over the things that matter to them, like benefits, work location, and devices.

“A lot of this push is coming from the millennial generation,” says Pat. “They are used to being empowered to choose their own destiny and when they come into the workplace they want to choose what they work on, how they get paid, the device they use, and where, when and how they work.”

In the latest episode of Talent on Tap, Pat and Brendan discuss what hyper-personalization looks like for companies and why doing this is more important than ever.

Talent on Tap is a weekly series where Pat Wadors and Brendan Browne break down some of the hottest topics, biggest challenges, and most enticing opportunities in the world of talent. Talent on Tap will also give you an opportunity to hear from other organizational leaders, subject matter experts, and thought leaders in the space. Stay tuned each week for the latest.

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