6 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Talent Connect 2017

August 17, 2017

Talent Connect, LinkedIn’s annual conference that brings together the brightest minds in recruiting, is just around the corner. We’re always blown away by the transformative ideas this community shares, and we’re particularly excited to see you all in Nashville on October 3-5th.

While the keynotes might grab center stage, you can’t forget about the breakout sessions, where experts drill down into dozens of niche topics. That’s where you’ll find specific, detailed insights to take back to your team.

This year’s all about helping recruiters balance instincts with insights while embracing the future of recruiting, so expect to return to your office as an authority on cutting edge trends, tech, and techniques.

There will be way more than seven breakout sessions this year, with something for everyone, but you absolutely won’t want to miss these seven sessions.

1. Citadel’s Justin Pinchback on dumping interviews in favor of performance-based talent auditions

Interviews are so 2016—talent interviews are the way of the future, says Justin Pinchbank, Head of Talent Strategy and Solutions at Citadel. His financial company holds “datathons” that serve as auditions for quantitative analyst and data scientist candidates.

This interactive session walks participants through the concept of talent auditions and helps them craft their own auditions—even if you’re hiring for a different role or industry.

2. Koru’s Kristen Hamilton on how AI will revolutionize the way we hire by valuing grit over grades

Artificial intelligence doesn’t mean recruiting will get cold or mechanical: just the opposite. AI will help recruiters zero in on the human elements that matter most—like grit and teamwork—even when the traditional metrics tell a different story.

In this session, Koru shares their latest research done with Fedex, Thomson Reuters, and Microsoft that reveals the predictors of performance for salespeople in the innovation economy. Learn how to navigate the coming revolution from traditional recruiting to predictive hiring.

3. Singapore’s Hock Yun Khoong on up-skilling the population of an entire country

Teaching your recruiting team new skills is hard, but necessary work: you’ve got to prepare them for the mega-trends of the future.

Now imagine the difficulty of training a whole country on the latest digital skills. Singapore’s government is doing just that with its Smart Nation initiative.

In this session, the Assistant CEO and Chief Data Office of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Hock Yun Khoong, will share how the country is up-skilling its talent and empowering its people.

4. TriTech’s Ginny Dick on using neuroscience to convince managers to care about unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is a pervasive challenge in recruiting—but because it’s unconscious, some hiring managers might not see it. This can cause friction between recruiters, managers, and diversity initiatives.

Science to the rescue! Ginny Dick, Talent Acquisition Manager at TriTech, explains the neuroscience behind our biases. In this compelling, informative session, Ginny makes the latest research and studies easy to understand. She goes to on give useful advice on how to persuade hiring managers and help prevent bias throughout the sourcing and interviewing processes.

5. KRT Marketing’s “Chief Nerds” on how to capture, measure, and improve recruitment metrics

You know that talent intelligence and analytics are hot trends, but you might not know what to actually do about it. KRT Marketing is here to help you out.

This practical how-to session will teach you the best ways to track recruiting data, get the full picture, and find your own insights with the latest metrics and tools.

6. Enterprise’s Carolyn Eiseman and TMP’s Kevin Ragan on how the car rental company revamped its candidate experience with new technology

Lots of companies compare the candidate experience to the customer experience—Enterprise takes it to a new level. By partnering digital agency TMP Worldwide, the car rental company uses technology to track metrics, calculate ROI, and offer candidates a more responsive, approachable process.

This session features both Carolyn Eiseman, Enterprise’s Director of Employer Brand, and Kevin Regan, VP of Digital Strategy at TMP Worldwide. Together, they’ll trace Enterprise’s progress in embracing smarter metrics to improve interactions with candidates.

These seven breakouts are just the tip of the iceberg—check out all breakout sessions here, with even more coming soon. Register for Talent Connect 2017 now, and we’ll see you soon in Nashville!

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