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1:15 1:50 pm

KEYNOTE: How to name the elephant in your room: Using insights to change the conversation

Edith Cooper, Goldman Sachs


In this keynote interview, Edith will show you how to identify the elephants in your rooms and start the bold conversations you need to have whether they’re about generations, gender or reputation. Once you’ve named your elephant, you’ve got to know how to tame it and Edith’s 21 years of personal experience at Goldman Sachs is a goldmine of wisdom, energy and insight that will have you fizzing with excitement to make that big conversation the first step in actual tangible, real life change.

1:50 2:30 pm


Tim Gunn, Co-host & Mentor on Lifetime's "Project Runway" 

Tim Gunn, Emmy-winning co-host and mentor for Lifetime’s Project Runway, has discovered and developed top talent throughout his career. From his early days as the associate dean at Parsons School of Design, to his corporate success as Chief Creative Officer for Liz Claiborne, Inc., to his meteoric rise as a TV personality and fashion consultant, he’s had an instinct for spotting talent and bringing it out in others. In this fireside conversation, Tim will share what he’s learned along the way and will T.E.A.C.H. us how to attract and engage talent at the top of your industry, and develop the skills of those already within the fold.

3:00 3:45 pm

Featured breakout: The sharing economy and the future of work

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

Mom always told us not to talk to strangers, but are there really any strangers today? Five years ago it was unthinkable to flag down a random car and hop in for a ride, but today, with the use of technology, we don’t hesitate in sharing rides with people we don’t know. We are willing to hire a handyman through an app, such as TaskRabbit, and we are renting out rooms in our own houses to people we’ve never met before. How did the sharing economy begin and what will it evolve to next? In this dynamic speech, Busque will share her story of starting TaskRabbit and why 2008 was a pinnacle for the beginning of the sharing economy. Over the last 8 years, this new trend has evolved into mainstream adoption and continues to grow and scale in new ways that are changing the future of work. Busque will explore how businesses, large and small, will need to evolve to support this new fragmented workforce, and how, despite the skeptics, providing more flexibility and entrepreneurship in our work environments will drive innovation, support diversity, and ultimately translate to stronger, longer lasting companies.


3:00 3:45 pm

Featured breakout: LinkedIn Learning course: The future of your work & your workforce

Gary A. BollesLinkedIn Learning Instructor

In the face of such constant change, how can managers and leaders grow and develop an organization's talent - and ensure they're doing the "right" work themselves? Gary A. Bolles is the co-founder of eParachute, inspired by the bestselling book What Color is Your Parachute?, and is also the Chair for the Future of Work for Singularity University. This course draws on more than 40 years of career research to help leaders and managers understand the essential skills needed for a constantly-changing world, and how hiring and work need to be redefined in this brave new era. Gary walks through the critical steps needed to develop your current workforce, helps you understand the changing roles of the managers and leaders of today's workers - and offers insights into how you can follow your best career path.

3:00 3:45 pm

Gaining clarity in a confused world: Streamlining the recruitment process

Oliver Harris, Resource Solutions & Kelly Patterson, Nomura Securities

Oliver Harris will share how Resource Solutions, a global RPO firm, was able to deliver efficiencies for Nomura US including: Improved direct sourcing, Streamlined vendor engagement/management with agencies, Robust weekly reporting driven by MI analysts to HR business.

3:00 3:45 pm

How to engage candidates with an always-on digital strategy

Carolyn Eiseman, Enterprise Holdings & Kevin Regan, TMP Worldwide

At Enterprise Holdings (Alamo Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and National Car Rental), great customer service is at the core of their business, and that extends through to potential candidates, too. Even with the massive volume of applicants they have year over year, with the combination of the right people and the right technology they strive to provide their candidates with a process that is both highly responsive as well as approachable. Follow the journey taken by Enterprise over the years as they worked to build an always on digital strategy, while continuously optimizing their efforts through smarter metrics. Working to improve how they interact with candidates, build strong relationship with media partners and deliver the best candidate funnel to their teams internally. Understanding that this level of sophisticated marketing doesn’t happen overnight, Enterprise worked in partnership with their consumer marketing group and agency partner TMP Worldwide to track ROI (customer sentiment, awareness, etc.) and improve the measurable results.

3:00 3:45 pm

Introducing talent auditions: The future of attracting, assessing, & acquiring the world’s top people

Justin Pinchback, Citadel LLC

Breathe life into your talent acquisition processwith competitive talent auditions!  Say goodbye to ineffective interviews and step into the future.  At this session we will describe our approach to Talent Auditions and Citadel’sDatathon program.  We will also help participants think about how they can develop Talent Auditions of their own.Our auditions have unleashed Citadel’s talent brand, offered a platform for talent analytics, and ultimately helped build a robust pipeline of excellent candidates. At Talent Connect we want to share more and help participants craft auditions of their own.

3:00 3:45 pm

Managers matter: How data insights change the dialogue & optimize employee experience

Ryan Fuller & Dawn Klinghoffer, Microsoft


Within global Fortune 100 companies, executives rely on the rich analytics to inform business decisions about the products they create, the markets they serve, and how operations are run. But what about measuring managers, one of an organization’s most vital assets? While executives can quantify discrete business outcomes, the manager actions that drives these results is often unclear, unmeasured and unseen. Attendees will learn specific behavior research that can make managers more effective.

3:00 3:45 pm

Power of the social enterprise: Activating employees & achieving talent acquisition outcomes

Dan Black, EY, Brendan Browne, LinkedIn, Carey Larson, Procore, & Adrienne Sullivan, ThermoFisher

The data doesn't lie: social enterprises are 58% more likely to attract top talent and 20% more likely to retain them. Your company's employees are the key to a more social enterprise. They also happen to be your most credible brand ambassadors, with networks full of the high-quality talent you're looking to hire. Join us for a panel featuring leaders who have equipped their employees to become social professionals--helping them build their personal brands, and driving job applications, hires, and talent brand engagement in the process. Panelists will share their experience in leveraging LinkedIn's employee advocacy tool, Elevate--as well as their tips, best practices, and lessons learned on the journey to a more social enterprise.


3:00 3:45 pm

Surge hiring: A programmatic approach to high volume recruiting

Emily Campana & Vidya Rao, LinkedIn

At LinkedIn, we hire next years new sales people in q4 of the current year. Historically we have achieved this by sheer force of will with mixed results. This past year we applied a programmatic approach, determining TA resourcing, creating internal hiring deadlines, exception processes, reporting, etc. before launch. We used regular comms to keep the business informed and TA engaged. Further we created a scalable and repeatable template for success that can be applied for years to come.

3:00 3:45 pm

Who wants to be a LinkedIn Extraordinaire? Share, learn & win prizes at LinkedIn's game show

Do you want to become the first ever LinkedIn Extraordinaire? Join LinkedIn expert hosts in playing our version of the popular TV gameshow. You can serve as an on- stage or an audience participant, answer questions, learn about various recruiting trends and LinkedIn product features and benefits while winning some cool prizes.

4:00 4:45 pm

Featured breakout: Proactive networking: How to use connections to reel in the big fish

Lou Adler, The Adler Company

Forget about candidates. Great prospects are the key to great hires. But to hire great prospects, hiring managers must play a bigger role than ever before in the entire process. In this session, Lou Adler walks us step-by-step from the intake meeting to the final close describing how recruiters can partner with their hiring managers to improve quality of hire.

4:00 4:45 pm

Featured breakout: LinkedIn Learning course: Body language for leaders

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Body language is tightly connected to your effectiveness as a leader. Research shows that when your verbal and nonverbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what they hear and what they see. And subconsciously, they'll believe your body language. In this lively, practical, and interactive session, workplace body-language expert Carol Kinsey Goman reveals how body language is perceived and how it is often misread. She shares the two sets of nonverbal cues people looks for in leaders and the body language needed to make a dynamite first impression.

4:00 4:45 pm

Confronting diversity: Grab your bias by the roots

Yewande Ige, ThoughtWorks


You can be a global, profitable and successful tech organization and advance diversity. No more excuses. At ThoughtWorks women hold 60% of our entry technical positions and 30% of our Senior technicals positions, numbers that more than double the industry average. Good intentions do not lead to results, a steel like resolve to play your part in moving the world forward does. I hope that by sharing some of our stories and journey I can inspire some new thinking and show what is possible.

4:00 4:45 pm

Diversity hiring: Best practices for moving the needle now & beyond

Diversity hiring is top of mind! Learn about best practices and ‘how to’ tips that LinkedIn has implemented to help drive a successful diversity strategy within your own organizations. Also, hear about LinkedIn’s Diversity product vision to help customers improve their Diversity hiring.


4:00 4:45 pm

From funky to fresh: How LinkedIn's Pipeline Builder will help reignite a pipelining strategy to evolve your business

Jessica Boyd, Autodesk & Liz Faralli, LinkedIn

Autodesk is transforming the way their customers buy and use their products. As a result, they are growing rapidly in new regions, markets and industries. With an added challenge of low brand awareness, Autodesk’s recruiters need to find quality talent they’ve never engaged with before. Learn how Autodesk is leveraging LinkedIn’s newest solution to build robust pipelines and engage the best talent for their growing business.

4:00 4:45 pm

Intersection of talent & marketing: Crafting a story people want to be a part of

Heather Stern, Lippincott

Lippincott is known for advising leading businesses on both brand & culture. As companies lean further into internal & external branding, Marketing and HR departments are more entwined than ever. For the past year, Heather Stern has stood at the intersection as both CMO & Chief Talent Officer. Having seen firsthand how internal & external perceptions advance overall business strategy, Heather shares practical insights on telling a cohesive story that resonates with your employees & the world.

4:00 4:45 pm

Tomorrow’s job seeker: How candidate behaviors and A.I. will change the game for recruiters

Tomorrow's job seeker is not like today's. Tomorrow's seeker will change their jobs and paths more often. They will have more information at their fingertips to make informed decisions. Their attention will be more challenging to capture than ever before. In this session, we'll dive into the mind of the modern day job seeker, explore the forces changing their mentalities and priorities, discuss how the growth of AI is impacting the candidate landscape, and reflect on what that means for your company's recruiting strategies.

4:00 4:45 pm

Truly engaging recruiter content: The importance of humor & heart

Ed Nathanson, Red Pill Talent

This session will delve into the science behind the two key elements of content that will really engage your audience -- Humor and Heart. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work, as well as lots of data, psychological research and examples to show you how to truly engage with the candidates and audience you want. If you’re looking to not suck at your online content and stand out in a meaningful way to candidates, this session is for you

4:00 4:45 pm

Winning through disruption: A story of changing markets, business culture, & self (& how to survive!)


Deborah Lee is the Chief People Officer at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer who is revolutionizing the industry through technology. She will guide us through the journey that brought her to this new role where she is redefining YNAP’s talent approach during a time of huge transformation. She is in the right place now to build a world-class employee experience defining YNAP’s 360° strategy (from employer brand to recruitment to building a social / mobile academy), unlocking workforce data.

9:00 9:25 am

KEYNOTE: The role of LinkedIn for a changing workforce

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

Coming soon!

9:25 10:15 am

KEYNOTE: Talent Intelligence: Where instincts & insights meet

Dan Shapero, LinkedIn

Talent Acquisition is getting smarter. Faster. More strategic. Driven by the combination of unprecedented new data signals, powerful insights unlocked by AI, and recruiter instincts, a rapid shift towards talent intelligence has begun. Come learn how talent intelligence will drive LinkedIn's next wave of product innovation – helping to make you more efficient and more strategic, and opening up the next level of advantage in Talent Acquisition.

11:00 am 12:00 pm

KEYNOTE: Daring leadership: The four pillars of courage

Brené Brown, Brave Leaders Inc.

Across organization type, size, and mission – small entrepreneurial startups, family-owned businesses, or Fortune 100 companies – leaders are asking the same questions: How do you cultivate braver, more daring leaders, and how do you embed the value of courage in your culture?   Brené writes, “Courage is an irreducible element of successful strategy and culture change efforts, and it’s a prerequisite for any meaningful and lasting leadership development approach. Regardless of how an organization measures success, you can’t get there without brave leaders.”   In this keynote/workshop, we explore how courage is taught, developed, and measured. Specifically, we’ll examine: • The four foundational skill sets of courage – vulnerability, clarity of values, trust, and rising skills. • How we can develop the twenty-six behaviors that ladder up to each of the four pillars of courage. • The role of courage and discomfort in authentic leadership. • How fear, blame, and scarcity sabotage our work and our relationships. • Actionable strategies for leaning into our discomfort and embracing vulnerability as a source of courageous leadership.


1:45 2:30 pm

Featured breakout: From déjà vu to breaking through: Four strategies to winning at diverse experienced talent recruitment

John Rice, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

In the quest to increase diversity at every level, especially the mid and senior levels, most companies are stuck cycling through the same playbook that isn’t producing meaningful or sustainable results. John Rice shares insights and pragmatic how-to’s that will help you pivot from pitfalls to progress at every level of diverse talent acquisition. John has 20 years of experience on both sides of the table as an executive with the NBA and Disney and as the Founder & CEO of MLT - helping hundreds of global organizations transform their talent acquisition strategies while propelling the careers of 6,000+ people of color who are rising to leadership positions of influence and impact.

1:45 2:30 pm

Building a startup: How to hire & create a collaborative company culture against the odds

João Pedro Resende, Hotmart


Being an entrepreneur in Brazil is very challenging, especially in a city that is not located in one of the spotlights of the technology market. JP had to fail a lot of times before he started a company that is the market leader in the sale and distribution of digital products. A company with a high performance team that helped him to build a solid and structured culture that makes the employees satisfied and happy to be a part of it.

1:45 2:30 pm

Featured breakout: Speed & quality: How to give hiring managers what they really want

John Vlastelica, Recruiting Toolbox

All hiring managers want the same two things: speed and quality. In this fun, how-to session, John Vlastelica - former recruiting director turned consultant, and a top 5 rated Talent Connect speaker - will share what he's learned from working with thousands of hiring managers and recruiters at over 100 companies. How can we create alignment, diagnose conversion problems, push back on unrealistic hiring managers, and engage hiring teams to speed everything up, while keeping the bar high?

1:45 2:30 pm

Gain Superpowers: Elevate your team with LinkedIn Talent Insights

Tennille Folk, Stryker, Dan Francis, LinkedIn, & Alex Pak, LinkedIn

The talent landscape is constantly changing and companies rely on Talent Acquisition to help them understand where critical talent is and how best to compete for that talent. What will define the winners vs. the losers is how well your teams use data to drive decisions. In this session, we wil share with you a preview of LinkedIn Talent Insights and we will show you how this product can be used to elevate TA to new levels.


1:45 2:30 pm

Getting geeky with it: Using neuroscience to convince your hiring managers to give a sh*t about their biases

Ginny Dick, TriTech Software Systems


Unconscious bias greatly affects how we see the world we live in, and those around us. We don’t just leave it at the door when we walk into work every morning. It affects how we interview, how we source for candidates, and even how we judge someone’s name on a resume. Managers historically have a hard time believing this. We utilize neuroscience and data to show you how to make managers believe it is real, and what they need to do to combat it in the sourcing and interviewing process.

1:45 2:30 pm

Identifying grit: A.I. & predictive signals for quality of hire

Google discovered in 2015 that skills like grit and teamwork outweigh raw intelligence alone. We've built on that work, to define the most important skills in the innovation economy, one of which is grit. Our most recent research (May 2017; update July 2017), in partnership with Fedex, Thomson Reuters & Microsoft, has uncovered quantifiable predictors of performance for sales people in the innovation economy. Employers will learn how to navigate the path from traditional to predictive hiring.

1:45 2:30 pm

LinkedIn Learning course: The Talent Maximizer ®

Roberta Matuson, LinkedIn Learning Instructor

If you work in a large organization, chances are you need to manage relationships with all levels, including your boss, peers, and direct reports. In this session, leadership expert and best-selling author Roberta Matuson helps you manage relationships up, down, and across. She’ll share tips on how to get noticed for the great work you do, how to build productive relationships and credibility with your direct reports; and how to effectively use influence with peers and other co-workers to get what you need.

1:45 2:30 pm

Recruiting tomorrow's healthcare workforce (panel)

Ron Croy (Panelist), Erica Marrari (Panelist), Micha'le Simmons (Panelist), & Beth Kutscher (Moderator)

Healthcare is one of the largest growing job markets in the US and many of those organizations are leveraging LinkedIn to meet their hiring demands.This event is an opportunity for our healthcare attendees to hear several thought leaders in the space discuss challenges in today's recruitment market and how our clients are overcoming those challenges by leveraging LinkedIn.

1:45 2:30 pm

Relocation: How to land top tech talent in a small town

Yasmeen Farukh, LogicMonitor

As if recruiting isn't challenging enough, landing hires in a town that lacks senior talent and thriving millennials is next level. Located in Santa Barbara, CA, LogicMonitor has had to stay competitive with other local companies as well as Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. This session focuses on how to make your organization attractive to relocation candidates, ways to leverage location to shape your employer brand, and effective sourcing methods for within and outside the local talent pool.

1:45 2:30 pm

Virtual technology: How to use it to enhance the candidate experience

As organizations are making the shift to virtual connections and processes are you feeling like you are embracing automation or are you just feeling like you are on auto-pilot going through the motions? At PwC we leverage a variety of tools and best practices to deliver the best and most efficient virtual experiences to both our candidates and our teams. Hear how we are implementing new experiences to shape connections and feel more connected in a virtual environment and how you can do the same

2:45 3:30 pm

Featured breakout: Make way for Gen Z

Believe it or not...there’s life after the Millennial generation. A new generation is starting to hit our workforce, yet no one has been talking about it. Until now. Are you ready for Gen Z? Don’t be surprised when you find they are nothing like the Millennials, and the time to get to know them is today. Best-selling author and generations expert David Stillman offers insights into the next generation – and even better, he’s bringing a Gen Z’er along!

2:45 3:30 pm

Featured breakout: LinkedIn Learning course: Influencing others

John Ullmen, PhDLinkedIn Learning Instructor

Join John Ullmen, PhD, a professor from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, who also has 20+ years executive coaching experience, as he explains how to influence others when you're at the "pivot point of influence." Drawing on his research and experience, he'll cover how you can apply what the best influencers do, whether you're influencing at work or at home, including how to choose the best steps for your situation based on 18 scientifically confirmed methods, and how to have people want to be influenced by you.

2:45 3:30 pm

Gaze into the crystal ball: A look at what’s coming in LinkedIn products in 2018

Join the LinkedIn product team to get a sneak peek at some of the biggest changes coming to the products you love in 2018. You’ll hear about ground-breaking new features that will change how you recruit and hire.

Session Highlights:

  • Get a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2018 with LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, and more. 
  • Learn about new products the team is building to make recruiting and hiring better than ever. 
  • Ask the product team anything – yes, anything.

2:45 3:30 pm

Go places: Unlocking culture to brew a unique employer brand

Embark on HEINEKEN’s journey to inspire candidates, consumers and society in general with its unique culture. This story will take you places. You will see how HEINEKEN unlocked its DNA, rallied the whole organisation behind or created an engaging, interactive and award winning campaign. Get your backstage pass and enjoy your employer branding ride with HEINEKEN.

2:45 3:30 pm

Growth from within: Recruit internally to grow your company

Kimberlea Kozachenko, ATB Financial

What if you could complete any project without looking to recruit externally? And all you had to do was give people a chance to put their hands up to do the work they're passionate about and you would see exponential results? Think this sounds impossible? You can make this happen! This session will teach you to reimagine your internal hiring practices, reinvent the talent development proposition & rethink what’s possible if you get out of the way of your most valuable asset-your team members.

2:45 3:30 pm

Recruitment marketing analytics: Talk nerdy to me

Eric HolwellRyan Christoi, KRT Marketing

Join KRT’s Chief Nerds Ryan Christoi & Eric Holwell as they walk you through today’s candidate journey and break down best ways to capture data and measure the success of your recruitment marketing efforts. This practical how-to session will cover: -What to track and how to track it -Attaining the full funnel view -Assisted conversions & source of influence. They will also uncover best ways to measure meaningful performance trends such as cost per application by source & app-2-hire ratios.

2:45 3:30 pm

The future of recruiting: (HR) Open Source

Lars Schmidt, AMPLIFY// & Ambrosia Vertesi, Duo Security

We all face challenges in our roles as recruiting practitioners. Keeping pace with innovation and shifting priorities and expectations is a constant challenge. If you don’t have access to pricey training/resources, how do you overcome them? This interactive workshop, co-moderated by HR Open Source Founders, will demonstrate the power of harnessing the collaborative intellect of your peers to solve problems. Bring your problems. We’ll workshop them together in this live peer problem-solving workshop.

2:45 3:30 pm

Up-skilling the population of Singapore to become a Smart Nation

Hock Yun Khoong, Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

If you think digitally up-skilling your employees is difficult (which it is), try doing it with an entire country. That’s exactly what Singapore is doing with their Smart Nation initiative. Like many countries, Singapore is grappling with staying ahead of the many digital disruptions happening globally. Smart Nation involves digitally up-skilling talent, combined with Government policy and business initiatives to co-create Singapore’s future and use technology to overcome impending mega-trends such as ageing populations and urban density. Hock Yun Khoong, Chief Digital Evangelist at Info-communications Media Development Authority Singapore will speak to how Singapore is empowering its people and business communities to build greater digital capabilities and continue to develop the essential skillsets to thrive in the global digital economy.

2:45 3:30 pm

Veteran hiring: A journey of commitment and passion

Kathleen Carroll, Amazon & Sean Kelley, Amazon

Amazon started the journey to embrace U.S. military talent in 2011 focusing on junior officers for Operations. Beginning in 2016, a collective group of former military Talent Acquisition leaders unleashed a company-wide mission to re-define Amazon Military. From gig-economy to Executive leadership, apprenticeship to full-time, technical to operations, all veterans, wounded warriors and spouses are welcomed. This presentation will stir your soul and remind you why we love recruiting.

2:45 3:30 pm

Your vibe attracts your tribe: Create an experience that secures top talent

Jill Larsen, Cisco

Jill Larsen, Cisco’s Talent Acquisition Leader will talk about how the new Cisco experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers influenced the Company’s talent brand personality. Creating a “VIBE” team to drive innovation and provide honest feedback has introduced TA improvements resulting in the team overachieving their KPIs. A career site revamp, a new ATS, and utilization of net promoter score helps Cisco know their magical “VIBE” is being shared.

4:00 4:45 pm

KEYNOTE: Every great book, movie, & company starts with a great story

Matthew Luhn, Former Pixar Story Artist

Storytelling is the #1 business skill necessary to connect, motivate, and lead people in today’s world. Stories compel us to engage in experiences, learn lessons, and define our values and ourselves within our organization. Matthew Luhn, a 20-year Pixar story veteran, brings his experience creating and developing 10 blockbuster films at Pixar, and provides practical strategies that teach and inspire people and teams to connect more effectively with audiences. Matthew uses the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between business and heart, driving your story toward one unforgettable selling point.


9:00 9:45 am

How to find the best talent on LinkedIn (Featured Breakout)

Glen Cathey, Randstad

When you search LinkedIn, are you finding the best people, or just those who are easiest to find? Would you know the difference? Attend this session to learn how to get maximum ROI from your LinkedIn license and fish in the deep end of the talent pool.

9:00 9:45 am

Artificial Intelligence disruption: How technologies are predicted to change the way we manage talent

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies are expected to disrupt workplaces across industries and take away millions of jobs in the next decade. Can talent acquisition professionals ignore the technology storm happening all around them? Will their jobs be around in the next 10 years? Will technology replace humans, or just augment their capabilities? This session will equip you with the basic understanding of key technologies that are changing the world today: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain and Virtual Reality; and present their potential applications across candidate and employee journeys. Join me to help prepare yourself for the radical changes just around the corner.


9:00 9:45 am

It starts with transparency: Building your talent brand through humility, data, & the things that scare you

Will Neville-Rehbehn, Prudential Financial 

Building an employer brand you love is easy – but building one that WORKS is a lot harder. We're too close to the problem. We care too much. We don't want to be the one to tell the CEO that we have reputation issues. At Prudential, we spent the last two years on a data-driven journey to reinvent our employer brand from the outside in. We'll share the Top 10 lessons we learned along the way: from simplifying our careers site by over 90% to why they key a great digital strategy lies offline.

10:00 10:45 am

Featured Breakout: LinkedIn Learning course: High-impact listening

Brenda Bailey-Hughes & Tatiana Kolovou, LinkedIn Learning Instructors

Listening is a critical competency, whether you are interviewing for your first job or leading a Fortune 500 company. Surprisingly, relatively few of us have ever had any formal training in how to listen effectively. In this course, communications experts Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes show how to assess your current listening skills, understand the challenges to effective listening (such as distractions!), and develop behaviors that will allow you to become a better listener—and a better colleague, mentor, and friend.

9:00 9:45 am

LinkedIn Learning course: How to hire, retain & grow top millennial talent

Elizabeth McLeod & Lisa McLeodLinkedIn Learning Instructors 

More than one-in-three American workers today are millennials. By 2020, millennials will be over 50% of the global workforce. The war for the best and brightest of the millennial generation is on now. Companies all over the world are fighting to hire and retain the best talent.

9:00 9:45 am

Operating priorities: How to create them no matter the state of your business

Brian Breth, Riot Games

Many TA teams struggle to stay focused on overall goals and/or objectives during the year, for various reasons. This obstructs the team’s ability to add value to the business beyond a transactional nature. This will be an interactive session and workshop where attendees will learn to create a set of operating priorities for the coming year.

9:00 9:45 am

Power of purpose: How it can help your team win the war for top talent

Johnny Campbell, Social Talent

If there’s one core concept that TA professionals need to understand in their jobs, it’s what will motivate a person to change jobs. While software and tools are coming on-stream all the time to help, one thing transcends them all: Purpose. In this session, Johnny Campbell will present a framework that will help you connect the dots, bringing Purpose into your job ads and InMails, 1-on-1 candidate engagement and your career site, with actionable steps that you can put into practice immediately.

9:00 9:45 am

Putting customer culture & team first

Rachael Jamieson, Woolworths Limited

One story helped create a belonging culture. A customer and team first focus saw us hire 23,000 people in our first 90 days. I'll share how to create the right 'felt experience' for 1.8 million applicants a year and build a team of 200,000 that truly represents our values, and, the customers and communities we serve.

9:00 9:45 am

The art & science of InMails: How to achieve higher response rates

Come learn about how you can combine your instincts as a Recruiter with Linkedin insights to improve your InMail response rates. We’ll share the latest from our data and new features in our products to help you engage with top talent more effectively.

9:00 9:45 am

The human side: Using instinct to create a winning candidate experience

Angie Verros, Vaia Talent

In today's competitive job market, how candidates perceive your firm impacts who you attract & hire. Guess what? If your candidate experience rocks, you'll be able to attract top talent! Have you ever considered what it's like to be on the other side? How great would it be if we took their bad experiences and turned them around by using our instincts? Today you will learn how to use simple human elements in order to showcase your employer brand & convert more applicants to amazing hires.

10:00 10:45 am

Featured Breakout: Stacy's secret sauce 2.0

Stacy Zapar, Tenfold & The Talent Agency

A couple of years ago, Tenfold Founder Stacy Zapar shared her 'secret sauce' to recruiting and, due to popular demand, she's back to share some more of her favorite tips, tricks and hacks to make great recruiters even better. These tips will run the gamut from sourcing to candidate experience to outreach to branding to employee referrals to recruitment process optimization. Ready to save time, recruit smarter and REALLY recruit like a boss? This is one session you don't want to miss!

10:00 10:45 am

Connecting with candidates: Where, when & how

Maren Hogan, Red Branch Media

Recruiters and HR leaders are fighting to create the most effective three-pronged approach when searching for talent that matters to their business' bottom line. Attracting talent at the right time & place is a challenge we're still working to nail in place. We have our ideal candidate personas, now we must decide when, how and where to connect with candidates who will impact your brand outcomes and goals.

10:00 10:45 am

Data & creativity: How marrying the two can inform your employer branding strategy

Laura Gregg, LinkedIn

In advertising, the success of a campaign begins with the brief. A clear instruction of what the problem is, who the audience is, where they are and who you as a brand are. In this war for talent, creating long term relationships with potential candidates is imperative. However, we often jump straight to the output, rather than the input. This session will look at what data to look at, where, and how to use that to inform and measure your social recruiting strategy.

10:00 10:45 am

Getting in & getting out: Discover (new) LinkedIn Recruiter features to become more efficient

Uncover (new) hidden gems to help you work smarter and save time in LinkedIn Recruiter. Learn about exciting Recruiter features (new and upcoming) to find your top talent efficiently and effectively.

10:00 10:45 am

Recruiting for the future: How top firms hire individuals with game-changer competencies

Dr. John Sullivan, San Francisco State University

This highly interactive leading-edge session will include:

• Making the business case for hiring high value and steep career trajectory individuals.

• How to forecast a candidate’s career and retention trajectory.

• Understanding the key strategic skills that differentiate high-value candidates from the average hire.

• How to identify and assess a candidate’s strategic capabilities including learning ability and innovativeness.

10:00 10:45 am

Recruiting reborn: Top predictions for the future of recruiting

Jennifer Carpenter, Accenture

Recruiting is experiencing an era of transformational change: faster innovation cycles, intelligent automation and algorithm-driven digital platforms have redefined who and how we source, what we value and assess, and how we define “talent”. Accenture’s Global Head of Recruiting Jennifer Carpenter will talk through predictions for next generation global recruitment and ways that Accenture is taking actions for the future.

10:00 10:45 am

Zombies, laughs, and (light) stalking: How to attract talent with blockbuster emails

Jeremy Schmidt, Care Otter

You know how to use the tools to identify the talent you want; but once you find that talent, how do you creatively message them to get them engaged and interested in your company? I would like to host a very collaborative, hands on session, using real world examples of how to message candidates and get them to respond. I write poems, I make videos, I tell jokes- my out of the box thinking has enabled me to build one of the most niched technical teams in the midwest!

11:15 11:50 AM

KEYNOTE: Follow your instincts to your career defining moments

Coming soon!

11:50 am 12:30 pm

KEYNOTE: Behind the click: Securing the future for girls of color as the tech leaders & creators of tomorrow

Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls CODE

Kimberly Bryant founded Black Girls Code to introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders; coders who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.  Her mission is to seed the tech pipeline with the girls from the younger generation who will become the tech leaders and creators of the future.  Kimberly Bryant shares her journey into becoming what she calls an “accidental social entrepreneur” and the lessons learned along the way in shaping a new paradigm for women and girls of color in the technology industry.  She will explore how recognizing our innate power to become change agents in our own lives and the lives of others, by pushing through traditional boundaries and perceived limitations, can help us drive change in our world.