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How to Give Hiring Managers What They Really Want: Speed and Quality

John Vlastelica, Recruiting Toolbox

All hiring managers want the same two things: speed and quality. In this fun, how-to session, John Vlastelica - former recruiting director turned consultant, and a top 5 rated Talent Connect speaker - will share what he's learned from working with thousands of hiring managers and recruiters at over 100 companies. How can we create alignment, diagnose conversion problems, push back on unrealistic hiring managers, and engage hiring teams to speed everything up, while keeping the bar high?

A walk in their shoes: using your instinct to create a winning candidate experience

Angie Verros, Proactive Talent Strategies

In today's competitive job market, how candidates perceive your firm impacts who you attract & hire. Guess what? If your candidate experience rocks, you'll be able to attract top talent! Have you ever considered what it's like to be on the other side? How great would it be if we took their bad experiences and turned them around by using our instincts? Today you will learn how to use simple human elements in order to showcase your employer brand & convert more applicants to amazing hires.

Talk Nerdy to Me: Today’s Must-Have Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Ryan Christoi & Eric Howell, KRT Marketing

Join KRT’s Chief Nerds Ryan Christoi & Eric Holwell as they walk you through today’s candidate journey and break down best ways to capture data and measure the success of your recruitment marketing efforts. This practical how-to session will cover: -What to track and how to track it -Attaining the full funnel view -Assisted conversions & source of influence. They will also uncover best ways to measure meaningful performance trends such as cost per application by source & app-2-hire ratios.

Humor or Heart - The key to content that connects

Ed Nathanson, Red Pill Talent

This session will delve into the science behind the two key elements of content that will really engage your audience -- Humor and Heart. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work, as well as lots of data, psychological research and examples to show you how to truly engage with the candidates and audience you want. If you’re looking to not suck at your online content and stand out in a meaningful way to candidates, this session is for you

Your Employees are Cheating on You: Why Managers Should Be The First People Employees Talk To About Their Next Job

Greg Giangrande, Time Inc.

Most people don’t stay in one job during their career. It’s not a surprise or bad thing. It’s normal career management. What is bad is that most managers find out too late, when their employee gives notice. That’s no way to lead or manage a business, but it’s the accepted common practice. What if we turn that paradigm upside down? What if we fostered cultures in which employees view managers as mentors & go to them first for career advice, including about external opportunities, instead of last?

Employer Brand 2020

Lars Schmidt, AMPLIFY//

The field of Employer Brand has reached a maturation point. What was once a nice to have complement to a traditional recruiting process has evolved to become a foundational component. We've shifted from broad one-size-fits-all talent attraction strategies, to personalized and differentiated talent targeting. This session explores the future of Employer Brand, and will help equip your team with employer brand strategies that convert; now and in the future.

Stacy's Secret Sauce - Part Deux

Stacy Zapar, Tenfold

A couple of years ago, Tenfold Founder Stacy Zapar shared her secret sauce to recruiting and, due to popular demand, she's back to share some more of her favorite tips, tricks and hacks to make great recruiters even better. These tips will run the gamut from sourcing to candidate experience to outreach to branding to employee referrals to recruitment process optimization. Ready to save time, recruit smarter and REALLY recruit like a boss? This is one session you don't want to miss!

Connecting with Candidates: Where, When and How

Maren Hogan, Red Branch Media

Recruiters and HR leaders are fighting to create the most effective three-pronged approach when searching for talent that matters to their business' bottom line. Attracting talent at the right time & place is a challenge we're still working to nail in place. We have our ideal candidate personas, now we must decide when, how and where to connect with candidates who will impact your brand outcomes and goals.

The Sharing Economy and The Future of Work

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

The fearless founder and executive chairwoman of TaskRabbit, the leading on-demand service marketplace in the world, will talk about her journey from software engineer to CEO.

How Gen Z will change the workforce 

David Stillman & Jonah Stillman, Gen Z Guru

The father & son founders of Gen Z Guru, and authors of Gen-Z @ Work are experts on generational trends. Hear this dynamic duo discuss the impact of Generation Z entering the workforce.

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