How Recruiters Are Stepping Up in Tough Times — and What You Can Do Too

April 13, 2020

These days, people around the world are reaching out to one another in beautiful ways. From delivering groceries to elderly neighbors to funding taxi rides for healthcare workers, we’re seeing an outpouring of heartwarming responses to those directly impacted by the coronavirus. 

Talent professionals are no exception. You’ve always changed lives, and now you’re helping people and companies move forward in a crisis. As we face more job cuts and a greater demand for certain skills, giving just a few minutes of your time and expertise can make a difference in helping a job seeker’s search.  

We applaud those doing just that. Thank you for lending your talents and connections to bettering other people’s lives. For inspiration, see how your peers are:

1. Offering free guidance on resumes and LinkedIn profiles

In order for job seekers to stand out, digital first impressions (resumes and LinkedIn profiles) are key right now. Having things like a great LinkedIn photo, headline, and summary can be the difference between getting noticed or not. The recruiters below are helping job seekers put their best foot forward.

  • Katelyn Harris Lange (@kateharrislange) 18 Mar  PSA: I’m a recruiter. I’m happy to review & offer free guidance on resumes and LinkedIn profiles to assist anyone whose work is impacted by #COVID19
  • Ky (@Ky_TheOtherHalf) 19 Mar I’m offering my one on one LinkedIn Profile Sessions virtually. This is prime time to update your profile because Recruiters are at home & they have lots of time on their hands.
  • Erica (@EricaLeigh13) 19 Mar Talent Acquisition pro here. If you’ve been affected by a layoff due to COVID-19, I’d love to volunteer some time to help. I am *not* an agency recruiter, so I can’t find you a job, but I *can* review your resume, LinkedIn, or cover letter. DM me if I can help!
  • Jeremy Turpen - Executive Recruiter  I want to help! I am offering my 10 years of recruiting experience to any individuals seeking assistance with their resumes/LinkedIn profiles as they’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  My focus will be helping those laid off from the crisis. This service is free of charge and I will be enlisting other industry colleagues to join me.  #jobs #recruiting #seeking #laidoff #offering

How you can get involved: Decide what you can offer. Think about what knowledge and skills you have that could help job seekers or your peers. Are you a pro at editing cover letters? Do you know how to conduct a flawless virtual interview? Do you have an inspiring story to share? Put it out there.

2. Summarizing helpful advice and tips in writing

Anastasia, a recruiting associate for Tesla’s internship programs, is giving advice to students in a longer-form post about the best way to reach out to recruiters. Helping students access opportunities online is especially useful now that career fairs have been canceled.

  • Anastasia Ecin Internship Program Tesla / Recruiter / Program Management  Hey Students!  Messaging recruiters can be terrifying, especially when you don’t get a response. What went wrong? Here’s my advice on how you can get a response:  #1: Before messaging recruiters, do your research and apply to the internship you are interested in on companies’ career portal  #2: Be sure to include all relevant information (major, graduation, relevant experience, the internship you applied to)  #3: Always attach your resume  #4: Spell the recruiter’s name correctly and don’t use Mrs, Ma’am, or Mr if you are unsure  For students without LinkedIn Premium (300 character word limit):  Hi [recruiter name]! I am studying [Major] at the [University] with a graduation date of [Month/Year]. I have applied to the [Full title of the position with the job #] position due to my experience [One reason why YOU are the perfect fit for this role]. Thank you!  If they reply, congratulations you caught their attention! Thank them for the connection and attach your resume.  Recruiters are here to help you land your dream internship, so make it easy for them!  Let me know if you would be interested in messaging tips for LinkedIn premium members.  #careers #intern #internship #recruiting

Britt created a Twitter thread with some handy tips readers can use right away, like how to show that they are Open to Job Opportunities on Linkedin.

  • Britt McGuire (@bk216) 26 Mar  If you were let go recently make sure to create a LinkedIn profile and make sure you’re OPEN TO OPPORTUNITIES so companies and recruiters will know you’re looking.

How you can get involved: Posting status updates and commenting on LinkedIn is a simple way to start a dialogue. If you have a knack for writing, consider longer posts and articles to summarize your knowledge. If you prefer the camera, consider live coaching via videoconference, or recording a webinar using your webcam or microphone. Do what’s comfortable, and what you have time for.

3. Using the comments section of status updates to connect people 

To help people find opportunities they might not otherwise have seen, these professionals are opening up their vast networks. They’re encouraging job seekers to comment on their posts so that anyone hiring can connect and reach out.

  • Sofia De Freitas Head of Talent Management at Capax RM  I’m sorry to hear that many people have been made redundant on my LinkedIn due to the current crisis (COVID-19).  I have a network of over 10,000 recruiters on my LinkedIn. If you’ve been made redundant recently, please message me or comment on this post - hopefully, someone who is hiring is able to help you! Please like this or even share to help others.  I just want to help everyone out there! Happy Friday!
  • Ira Bowman Graphics Print & Printer Equipment Sales Professional for ARC in SoCal  Welcome to #FollowMe Friday!  Looking to build your network? You’re in the right place. Leave a comment and let us know that you’re open to new connections. Also, respond to the comments of others and introduce yourself. The more you engage in the comments, the more you’ll succeed at building your network. Make friends, not sales pitches.  Also, today I want you to help a job seeker you know who needs help finding a job.  Let’s do our part to help those looking for work in this unique time. I will pick at least one job seeker tagged in the post to coach for free and help them with their job search strategy.  I’ll bet I can get other coaching career service professionals to help too.  We have a chance to make new friends in the comments below and help those in need. So who do you know?

How you can get involved: Ask for engagement. Encourage your connections to comment on and share your post so you boost the chances it’ll end up in front of someone who really needs it.

4. Collecting resumes of displaced workers to share with their network

With thousands of connections within the hospitality industry, Jeremy is collecting resumes of any displaced hourly workers with the goal of helping them find a salaried placement as soon as possible.

  • Jeremy Nichols, CPC Florida Hospitality Recruiter  ALL HOURLY hospitality employees that have been hit with unemployment. Please share!  I want to help. No strings attached. I just want to help. I know how important you are to our businesses and how important your career is to your family.  If you are unemployed and an hourly employee, please send me your resume:  I am connected to thousands of industry leaders in Hospitality. I will send your resumes to hiring properties once things start to turn around and they are looking for staff. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  I make my living in headhunting and hospitality talent acquisition. As most leaders know in our industry, I focus on a salaried permanent placement. I am using this time to help, connect, and share.  I am doing this for ALL HOURLY TALENT. If you are in a market outside of the state of Florida, I will send it to a headhunter in that market that can help.  I want to help all of you on the front lines. I want to get things moving as fast as I can to get you back doing what you love to do. Helping others and making people happy.  Share this if you know hospitality (Hotel, Resort, Club, Cruise, Casino, etc) hourly talent that is seeking work. When things turn around, I will do my best to get you in front of the hiring teams.

How you can get involved: Take stock of your network. Your connections can be key to someone who has all the right skills, but has limited access to opportunities because their network is small. Scroll through your connections to remind yourself of who you know, and keep them in mind as you engage online.

5. Aiding essential services and frontline organizations with finding talent 

While some companies have stopped hiring, healthcare organizations can’t hire fast enough. Katrina, a job post specialist and CEO of Three Ears Media, created a blog post with tips to help healthcare organizations recruit more nurses, including a downloadable job post template. (Speaking of free templates, others are out there for doctors, nurses, and medical assistants.)

  • Katrina Kibben Job Post and Recruitment Marketing Copywriter  *Please share this — let’s get more nurses to work* I just posted a free nurse job post template on my blog. Yes, a template. Normally I don’t do templates, but look. Times are weird.  #coronavirushr #candidateexperience #employerbrand #recruiting #recruitmentmarketing #recruitmenttools #talentsolutions #healthcarestaffing #healthcarerecruitment

How you can get involved: Remember the big picture. Any content or connections you make today will likely be relevant after coronavirus, so your efforts are an investment in your future too. Your response will remain part of your professional brand long after this is over. 

Bravo, talent professionals

Thank you to all the talent professionals who are giving back during this stressful time. Whether you’re giving ten minutes to review someone’s resume, or ten hours to create a free webinar for your peers, you’re making a difference in a time when people need it.

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