The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

August 24, 2018

In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you on a range of topics important for talent leaders.

We took a look through some of the best articles published this past week for staffing and corporate recruiters and posted them below. The following articles focus on strategies you can use to boost recruitment, different HR trends in light of the #MeToo movement, how Salesforce is adding over 5,000 jobs, and more.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. Comp Guide for a Small Company: Why You Need a Salary Survey -- by Margaret O'Hanlon

2. Wages Remain Flat for Most in US, But Many in Silicon Valley Command Six-figure Salaries -- by Valerie Bolden-Barrett

3. Six Active Listening Strategies to Boost Recruitment -- by John Pierce

4. Emerging Human Resources Trends in the Wake of #MeToo -- by Mirande Valbrune

5. Candidates and Recruiters Both Need to Quickly Explain What They Do/Are/Represent -- by Ted Bauer

6. Former College Athlete’s Minimum-Wage Suit Goes Forward -- by Joanne Deschenaux

7. No Room for Raises This Year? You Can Still Reward High Performers -- by Kat Boogaard

8. Intranets Aren't Dead Just Yet. Here's How They Can Boost Your Team's Engagement -- by Bryan Adams

9. Salesforce in Talks to Anchor Riverfront Skyscraper, Add 5,000 Jobs -- by Ryan Ori

10. 3 New LinkedIn Recruiter Features That Will Make You More Productive and Efficient -- by Patrick Cheung

*Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

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