Become the Employer for Choice.

Here are three tips you can leverage to engage and retain internal and potential new talent. Want to learn how LinkedIn can help?

Become an employer of choice

Create a strong employer brand and amplify your recruitment strategy:

  • Showcase your company’s work environment and highlight culture, values and benefits on your LinkedIn Career Page.
  • Use your employees as brand ambassadors and engage them in your strategy.
  • Tailor your career page so you can target appropriate content & jobs to your audience.
  • Find out how you rank against your peers with LinkedIn’s Talent Brand Index.

Pave Strong Career Paths

Your fast-moving employees want career roadmaps and challenging work. Why not try implementing the below:

  • Monthly career development meetings to set goals and expectations.
  • Embrace internal mobility within the workforce and increase visibility into internal openings for employees.
  • Allow them to develop their skills for current or future opportunities by providing free or company-sponsored access to online learning tools like

Give them a purpose

Employees are motivated if their role and company have a purpose. Here are some things you can do to achieve this:

  • Offer stay-worthy perks: Work with your team to provide lifestyle perks that boost employee’s happiness in the office.
  • Create your own alliance statement which explicitly defines the purpose and expectations between the organisation and employee so you can invest in each other with confidence.
  • Engage your employees with ‘tours of duty’ by encouraging managers to create a ‘tour of duty’ pact with each of their employees. Learn more here.


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