Quest to Quantify: Measuring the Impact of Your Employer Brand

Prove why Employer Brand matters in 5 simple steps.

Don’t just say Employer Brand matters. Prove it. Modern talent professionals know Employer Branding is an essential component of any competitive recruitment strategy. But it’s tough to defend the value of your Employer Brand without the data to back it up. That ends now.

In this ebook, get the 5 steps to quantify the impact of your Employer Brand on your recruitment priorities.

Step 1: Learn the language
Step 2: Find your partners
Step 3: Measure what matters
Step 4: Beware of the pitfalls
Step 5: Get started

From growing company awareness and starting more conversations with target talent to boosting applicant quality and shortening time-to-hire—you’ll learn how to tie specific Employer Brand metrics to key recruitment results.

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