4 Great Tips Inspired by LinkedIn’s Top Attractors Ranking

Your reputation as an employer is everything. If you have a good one, top candidates want to work for you and employees want to stay. If you have a bad one, it will cost you. To understand what makes a great employer brand, we recently published Top Attractors, Where the World Wants to Work Now. As we analyzed the rankings we uncovered several employer branding practices that the companies that made the list have in common. We’ll explore each of them in this guide. Companies of all sizes can incorporate these tips at virtually no cost. Read on to learn how to create a solid strategy that will improve your brand. Download this tip sheet to learn how to: 

  1. Expand your reach by rallying employees to spread the word about your company
  2. Build engagement by sharing what makes your organization a great place to work
  3. Boost interest in your jobs with job descriptions that talk about your company’s culture
  4. Get new hires to stay through better onboarding, skill-building, and career advancement opportunities.
  5. A well-loved employer brand doesn’t happen overnight. But if you invest in increasing your reach, engagement, job interest and new hire staying power, you’ll be well on your way.

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