To be successful, employees need a balance of hard and soft skills. In fact, 57% of leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills. However, evaluating candidates for soft skills is arguably the most difficult aspect of the hiring process. Soft skills don’t typically show up on resumes, aptitude tests, or cover letters. That’s why the interview is critical for assessing soft skills. But which traits are essential to each team’s success, and how can hiring managers take advantage of their interview time to effectively determine a candidate’s fit?

In this guide, we’ll unpack the 5 principal traits of successful product management candidates and share tactics for dissecting each attribute, so you can get the most out of your interviews. You’ll learn:

  • The questions that uncover problem-solving, analytical, and strategic-planning skills
  • The key points to listen for in candidate responses, along with examples of insufficient answers
  •  How to facilitate an effective conversation to determine fitness for the role

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