Tynan Fischer

Tynan Fischer

Chief Operating Officer, New Horizons

Tynan Fischer

Tynan Fischer is the Chief Operating Officer for New Horizons CLC | Northeast and has been in the computer training world for 18 years, his background is very diverse ranging from being a computer software trainer to managing the day to day business of one of the largest franchise ownership groups in New Horizons. Tynan implemented LinkedIn and Social Selling within their sales organization more than 2 years ago and has personally been using LinkedIn since 2007. In 2014 so far, LinkedIn has help generate more than $1.7 Million dollars in opportunities and help generate more than $1 Million dollars in sales.


  • Thursday, September 18, 2014 10:30am - 11:10am

    How Top Teams Win in Today's Dynamic Social Selling Environment

    Ralston Ballroom

    Learn how to increase your Social Selling Index by excelling at The 4 Pillars of Social Selling:

    • creating a professional brand
    • finding the right people
    • engaging with insights and 
    • building strong relationships

    Sales reps who master these four areas are 51% more likely to exceed their quota. We'll explore what each of these pillars means for you, and we'll equip you with the statistics and hard hitting facts you need to show your executive teams how social selling done right drives your performance to the next level.