2017 2016 Gallery

Day One Recap

What an incredible start to Talent Connect Live! Edith Cooper shared how you can name the elephant in the room & use insights to change the conversation. Leah Busque discussed the gig economy and what it means for the future of hiring and Lou Adler covered how recruiters can partner with their hiring managers to improve quality of hire.

Edith Cooper, Goldman Sachs 

Edith shares how to identify the elephants in your rooms and start the bold conversations you need to have whether they’re about generations, gender or reputation. Once you’ve named your elephant, you’ve got to know how to tame it.

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

The sharing economy is changing the future of work. Busque will explore how businesses will need to evolve to support this new fragmented workforce, and how providing more flexibility and entrepreneurship in our work environments will ultimately translate to stronger companies.

Lou Adler, The Adler Company

In this session, Lou Adler walks us step-by-step from the intake meeting to the final close describing how recruiters can partner with their hiring managers to improve quality of hire.

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

Marta Riggins of LinkedIn sits down with Leah Busque for an exclusive All Access interview. 

Day Two Recap

We had an exciting Day 2 at Talent Connect! Presentations included Jeff Weiner and Dan Shapero sharing how LinkedIn products will support the future of hiring and Gen Z insights from David and Jonah Stillman. 

Justin Pinchback, Citadel LLC

Will talent auditions help your company win the best people? Justin Pinchback explains how Talent Auditions work and can help companies hone their own competitive edge. 

Dan Shapero and friends, LinkedIn    

Learn how talent intelligence will drive LinkedIn's next wave of product innovation – helping to make you more efficient and more strategic, and opening up the next level of advantage in Talent Acquisition.

Deborah Frances White, Talent Connect Host  

The Talent Connect Event host and #TalentConnect Live host sit down to discuss the key themes we've heard this year.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn    

LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner shares the three important themes that are driving the global workforces and how LinkedIn is innovating for the future. 

David and Jonah Stillman, Gen Z Gurus

LinkedIn's Tabitha Eade sits down for an exclusive interview with Gen Z Gurus, David and Jonah Stillman. 

John Rice, MLT

John Rice shares insights and pragmatic how-to’s that will help you pivot from pitfalls to progress at every level of diverse talent acquisition.

Ed Nathanson, Red Pill Talent

Ed Nathanson delves into the science behind Humor and Heart,the two elements of content that engage your audience. You’ll get data, psychological research and examples to of how to truly engage with the candidates and audience you want.

Yewande Ige, ThoughtWorks

At ThoughtWorks women hold 60% of entry technical positions and 30% of Senior technicals positions. Hear the ThoughtWorks stories and journey will inspire some new thinking and show what is possible when you focus on advancing diversity.

David and Jonah Stillman, Gen Z Gurus

A new generation is starting to hit our workforce. Are you ready for Gen Z? Don’t be surprised when you find they are nothing like the Millennials. Best-selling author and generations expert David Stillman offers insights into the next generation.  

Stacy Zapar, Tenfold

Back by popular demand Stacy Zapar shares more of her favorite tips, tricks and hacks to make great recruiters even better.

Glen Cathey, Randstad

When you search LinkedIn, are you finding the best people, or just those who are easiest to find? Glen Cathey will teach you how to get maximum ROI from your LinkedIn license.

Sarah Wagener, Pandora

Sarah shares stories about her journey and advice on how to follow your instincts to your career defining moments. 

Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code

Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code, shares her journey into becoming an “accidental social entrepreneur” and the lessons learned in shaping a new paradigm for women and girls of color in the technology industry.