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Keynote Sessions

Tim Leberecht, The Business Romantic Society

How to lead beautifully in the age of AI: In his talk, Tim proposes three concrete principles to foster our humanity and build a beautiful business in an age of machines. Tim provides a thought-provoking and optimistic outlook on the future of work in times of exponential change.

Tamar Elkeles, Atlantic Bridge

The future of learning is here. Are you ready?: Today’s work landscape is changing rapidly and building an agile learning culture that aligns with this ever-changing workplace is critical. We are developing people for jobs that don't even exist yet. We are in a time of reinvention. Are you ready?

Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley

Expect to win: Tools for maximizing your success: Hear proven strategies for maximizing success in the seat you're sitting in, or the one you aspire to. Carla will discuss the importance of perceptions in the workplace, key relationships to ensure your success, and the power of authentic leadership.

Esther Perel, Psychotherapist & Relationship Philosopher

Relational intelligence: The key to business success: The quality of relationships determines the quality of our lives, and relational intelligence is now one of the top determinants of business success. Join iconic psychotherapist Esther Perel in a conversation about how we relate to one another at work, and its effect on the bottom line.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

The next generation workforce: Drawing on the unique insights from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, Jeff will outline the three leading forces shaping the global workforce: The Coming Skills Revolution, Multi-Generational Workforce and The Growing Opportunity Divide.

Dan Shapero, Rosanna Durruthy, & team, LinkedIn

From insights to impact: Building on the talent intelligence vision, Dan will introduce the boldest set of product announcements we’ve ever had at Talent Connect and outline how LinkedIn is moving from recruiting to a broader play in talent.

Dr. Rand Hindi,

The impossible: Artificial human intelligence: Understand how to coexist with AI, instead of worrying about it devouring our jobs. In his talk, Dr. Rand Hindi will discuss adaptive learning and a future of working together with machines.

Breakout Sessions

Leslie Miley, Engineering Leader

Data & diversity: The unconscious talent lifecycle bias: Learn how data and machine learning can help your organization build and foster a diverse workforce, and how these efforts impact employee satisfaction, retention and business growth.

Stacy Smith, USC Annenberg

Moving the needle: From invisibility to inclusion: Dr. Stacy Smith's work rigorously examines inclusion in film, television, digital media, and the music industry. She will describe unique, pragmatic, and theory-based solutions to the “epidemic of invisibility” in Hollywood that can be adopted by companies, creators, and consumers.

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst

Learning in the flow of work: The time is now: This research-based presentation will explain a new learning model driven by machine intelligence, micro-learning, and new video and social platforms like LinkedIn Learning that are helping companies radically upskill and transform their workforces.

Gelong Thuben, Meditation Trainer

Upgrading the mind: How to optimize mental performance through mindfulness practice. The talk will explore stress reduction, mental focus and emotional resilience, and will provide tools for integrating ‘micro-moments’ of mindfulness into a busy working life.

Jennifer Carpenter, Delta Air Lines

Design for the disappointed: Regardless of whether they get a job offer, candidates satisfied with their experience are more than 2x as likely to become a customer of the hiring organization than unsatisfied candidates. Learn how Delta is redesigning their candidate experience with the disappointed in mind.

Dan Francis, LinkedIn, Jenny Diani, & Craig Vived, Autodesk

Autodesk uplevels hiring with LinkedIn Talent Insights: Autodesk’s TA leaders are making more strategic hiring decisions and have earned a seat at the table with Talent Insights. Hear directly from Autodesk on how they’ve optimized hiring with Talent Insights and how it’s transforming their influence of TA as strategic partner.

All Access Studio Interviews

Tim Leberecht, The Business Romantic Society

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Marty Finn sits down with Tim Leberecht to discuss the three concrete principles Tim proposes to foster our humanity and build a beautiful business in an age of machines.

Tamar Elkeles, Atlantic Bridge

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Marty Finn sits down with Tamar Elkeles to discuss today's rapidly changing work landscape and the critical role of an agile learning culture.

Leslie Miley, Engineering Leader

All Access Interview: Learn how data and machine learning can help your organization build and foster a diverse workforce, and how these efforts impact employee satisfaction, retention and business growth.

Stacy Smith, USC Annenberg

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Romaine Buck sits down with Stacy Smith to dive deeper into Stacy's keynote presentation and discuss her unique, pragmatic, and theory-based solutions to the “epidemic of invisibility” in Hollywood that can be adopted by companies, creators, and consumers.

Esther Perel, Psychotherapist & Relationship Philosopher

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Romaine Buck sits down with Esther Perel to further discuss how we relate to one another at work, and its effect on the bottom line.

Jim Barnett, CEO of Glint      

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Dan Shapero and Marty Finn sit down with Jim Barnett, CEO of Glint to discuss LinkedIn's newly announced acquisition of Glint. 


Tim Sackett reviews and offers advice for selected viewer's LinkedIn profile.

Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Romaine Buck sits down with Carla Harris to further discuss the importance of perceptions in the workplace, key relationships to ensure your success, and the power of authentic leadership.

Gelong Thubten, Meditation Trainer

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Marty Finn sits down with Gelong Thubten to discuss the tools we can use to integrate ‘micro-moments’ of mindfulness into a busy working life.

Dan Francis and Emi Hofmeister, LinkedIn

LinkedIn Talent Insights Demo: Get a sneak peek of the exciting new features that are coming soon across the LinkedIn Talent Solutions portfolio.

Dr. Rand Hindi,

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Romaine Buck sits down with Dr. Rand Handi to discuss how we can better co-exist with AI.

Keynote Sessions

Sarah Wagener, Pandora

Follow your instincts to your career defining moments: Sarah shares personal stories about her journey and advice on how to use your instincts to guide your career path.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

The role of LinkedIn for a changing workforce: LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner shares the three important themes that are driving the global workforces and how LinkedIn is innovating for the future.

Brené Brown, Brave Leaders Inc.

Why being vulnerable at work can be your biggest advantage: Brené Brown broke down courage into four foundational skillsets—the four pillars of courage—and told recruiters and HR professionals how to measure and cultivate these key skills.

Dan Shapero, LinkedIn

Talent Intelligence: Where instincts & insights meet: Learn how talent intelligence will drive LinkedIn's next wave of product innovation – helping to make you more efficient and more strategic, and opening up the next level of advantage in Talent Acquisition.

Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code

Future of Work: Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code, shares her journey into becoming an “accidental social entrepreneur” and the lessons learned in shaping a new paradigm for women and girls of color in the technology industry.

Edith Cooper, Goldman Sachs

How to name the elephant in your room: Using insights to change the conversation: Edith shares how to identify the elephants in your rooms and start the bold conversations you need to have whether they’re about generations, gender or reputation. Once you’ve named your elephant, you’ve got to know how to tame it.

Breakout Sessions

Stacy Zapar, Tenfold & The Talent Agency

Stacy's secret sauce 2.0: Back by popular demand Stacy Zapar shares more of her favorite tips, tricks and hacks to make great recruiters even better.

Yewande Ige, ThoughtWorks

Confronting diversity: Grab your bias by the roots: At ThoughtWorks women hold 60% of entry technical positions and 30% of Senior technicals positions. Hear the ThoughtWorks stories and journey will inspire some new thinking and show what is possible when you focus on advancing diversity.

Ed Nathanson, Red Pill Talent

Truly engaging recruiter content: The importance of humor & heart: Ed Nathanson delves into the science behind Humor and Heart, the two elements of content that engage your audience. You’ll get data, psychological research and examples to of how to truly engage with the candidates and audience you want.

Lou Adler, The Adler Company

Proactive networking: How to use connections to reel in the big fish: In this session, Lou Adler walks us step-by-step from the intake meeting to the final close describing how recruiters can partner with their hiring managers to improve quality of hire.

David and Jonah Stillman, Gen Z Guru

Make way for Gen Z: A new generation is starting to hit our workforce. Are you ready for Gen Z? Don’t be surprised when you find they are nothing like the Millennials. Best-selling author and generations expert David Stillman offers insights into the next generation.

Justin Pinchback, Citadel LLC

Introducing talent auditions: The future of attracting, assessing, & acquiring the world’s top people: Will talent auditions help your company win the best people? Justin Pinchback explains how Talent Auditions work and can help companies hone their own competitive edge.

Glen Cathey, Randstad

How to find the best talent on LinkedIn: When you search LinkedIn, are you finding the best people, or just those who are easiest to find? Glen Cathey will teach you how to get maximum ROI from your LinkedIn license.

Ryan Christoi & Eric Holwell, KRT Marketing 

Talk Nerdy to Me: Join KRT Marketing's Chief Nerds Ryan Christoi & Eric Holwell as they walk you through today’s candidate journey and break down best ways to capture data and measure the success of your recruitment marketing efforts. This practical how-to session will cover: -What to track and how to track it -Attaining the full funnel view -Assisted conversions & source of influence. They will also uncover best ways to measure meaningful performance trends such as cost per application by source & app-2-hire ratios.

Ginny Dick, TriTech Software Systems

Getting Geeky with It: Unconscious bias greatly affects how we see the world we live in, and those around us. We don’t just leave it at the door when we walk into work every morning. It affects how we interview, how we source for candidates, and even how we judge someone’s name on a resume. Managers historically have a hard time believing this. We utilize neuroscience and data to show you how to make managers believe it is real, and what they need to do to combat it in the sourcing and interviewing process.

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

The sharing economy and the future of work: Busque will explore how businesses will need to evolve to support this new fragmented workforce, and how providing more flexibility and entrepreneurship in our work environments will ultimately translate to stronger companies.

John Rice, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

From déjà vu to breaking through: Four strategies to winning at diverse experienced talent recruitment: John Rice shares insights and pragmatic how-to’s that will help you pivot from pitfalls to progress at every level of diverse talent acquisition.

Tennille Folk, Stryker, Dan Francis, LinkedIn, & Alex Pak, LinkedIn

Gain Superpowers: Elevate your team with LinkedIn Talent Insights: The talent landscape is constantly changing and companies rely on Talent Acquisition to help them understand where critical talent is and how best to compete for that talent. What will define the winners vs. the losers is how well your teams use data to drive decisions. In this session, we wil share with you a preview of LinkedIn Talent Insights and we will show you how this product can be used to elevate TA to new levels.

Alfonso Auñón García, Heineken

Go places: Unlocking culture to brew a unique employer brand: Embark on HEINEKEN’s journey to inspire candidates, consumers and society in general with its unique culture. This story will take you places. You will see how HEINEKEN unlocked its DNA, rallied the whole organisation behind or created an engaging, interactive and award winning campaign. Get your backstage pass and enjoy your employer branding ride with HEINEKEN.

All Access Studio Interviews and Game Shows

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Marta Riggins sits down with Leah Busque to discuss the sharing economy and how it is changing the future of work.

David and Jonah Stillman, Gen Z Guru

All Access Interview: LinkedIn's Tabitha Eade sits down for an exclusive interview with Gen Z gurus, David and Jonah Stillman. 

Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code

All Access Interview: Marta Riggins interviews Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls Code before she takes the stage at Talent Connect. 

Deborah Frances White, Talent Connect Host

All Access Interview: The Talent Connect Event host and #TalentConnect Live host sit down to discuss the key themes we've heard this year.

Talent Connect Puppy Game Show

Watch as Maren Hogan and Lars Schmidt compete on HR / Nashville trivia in the hopes of collecting the most puppies to hold.

Talent Connect LinkedIn Love Game Show

A play on the Newlywed Game, watch how LinkedIn clients and their relationship managers compete to see which pair has the best working relationship. 

Talent Connect 2017 Highlights

See highlights from Talent Connect 2017 in Nashville