Succeed on LinkedIn in 2020 with Our Best Free Marketing Resources

February 20, 2020

Free Marketing Resources

Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post, which was one of our readers' favorites in 2020. 

This is it. This is the year you conquer your most ambitious LinkedIn marketing goals. Whether it's reaching a new follower milestone for your organization's LinkedIn Page, or driving a record number of quality leads, or crafting an award-winning campaign... the achievement is within your grasp in 2020. We're here to help.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we have a pretty simple mission: Help marketers and brands succeed on LinkedIn. In this pursuit, we have the advantage of working closely with the platform and its users every single day. In this position, we gain access to powerful insights about what's effective and driving results.

We channel these insights through many outlets – social media, web shows, this blog – but our collection of digital guides might be the most invaluable resources we offer. These crisply designed PDFs package up our best, most actionable advice, and they can be kept on your desktop for handy reference.

Below, you'll find a categorized roundup of our top guides to help marketers succeed on LinkedIn in 2020. They're all free, and updated for the start of a new year. 

LinkedIn Marketing Resources to Inform Your 2020 Strategy

From content marketing to targeting to LinkedIn Pages, for businesses large and small, you’ll find the help you need with these comprehensive guides. There are no form-fills or extra steps required; simply click on the links and you’ll be taken straight to the goods!

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide — 5 Year Anniversary Edition

What It Is: Perhaps our most popular digital guide ever, and that’s why we refreshed it last year with all kinds of updated information and fresh expert insights. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide offers a comprehensive, end-to-end overview of developing a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy, including tips on every ad format, advice on striking the right organic/paid balance, publishing best practices, and more. 

Who It’s For: Any marketer who wants to improve results on LinkedIn. Whether you’re just getting started on the platform or you’ve got plenty of experience, you’re bound to find useful new insights and perspectives. 

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LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan

What It Is: A daily playbook for successful content marketing on LinkedIn. As the name suggests, this guide is designed to be very practical and actionable. Within its digital pages, you’ll find seven ripe opportunities for the taking, five tools for optimizing campaign performance, and even a printable sheet with specific activities (and time allotments) to help you plan your schedule.

Who It’s For: Marketing pros who are organized (or want to be organized) and looking to build beneficial LinkedIn practices into their daily routines. 

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn

The Social Media Manager’s Guide to LinkedIn

What It Is: A guide for social media managers, from a social media manager! Steve Kearns, Global Social Media Lead for LinkedIn, guides readers through a variety of key topics, such as brand storytelling, content roadmapping, trust-building, and more.

Who It’s For: Social media managers, of course! If you spend your days on these networks and want to make sure you’re nailing down the LinkedIn component, this will be an indispensable resource.

Targeting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Targeting Playbook

What It Is: An in-depth guide to leveraging LinkedIn’s robust targeting tools, from basic to advanced. You’ll learn how to use parameters like experience, education, and interests, while also delving into powerful tools like Matched Audiences. 

Who It’s For: Marketers who want to be more deliberate and precise with the scope of their campaigns on LinkedIn. 

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Small Business Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses

What It Is: A guide to LinkedIn marketing specifically through the lens of small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs). You’ll learn how to take care of key steps like completing your Page, developing an effective content cadence, and growing your following. You’ll also find plenty of examples from other small businesses succeeding on LinkedIn.

Who It’s For: Any SMB that’s thinking big with its LinkedIn strategy. Whether you’re just getting started, or focusing on bringing your Page to the next level, this guide can serve as your launching pad.

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Enterprise Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook

What It Is: An exploration of LinkedIn Pages best practices from the other side of the spectrum: large, distributed, international brands. These organizations face their own unique set of challenges, which we help unpack in this guide full of stats, checklists, and examples.

Who It’s For: Enterprise organizations that want to streamline and solidify their LinkedIn strategies. Whether it’s enhancing your talent brand, showcasing innovation, building brand affinity, or other objectives, you’ll be able to chart a clear roadmap with help from this playbook.

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No Time Like the Present to Buckle Down

A new year brings new opportunity. When you look back on 2020, what kind of growth on LinkedIn will your brand be able to celebrate? By taking advantage of these top resources, you’ll be well equipped to reach new milestones and reset your benchmarks. 

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