The 11 Best Small Business LinkedIn Pages We've Seen

February 27, 2019

SMB LinkedIn Pages

Editor's Note: As 2020 begins, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. This one ranked No. 4.

As a small business, your LinkedIn Page is an opportunity to level the playing field. If you are creative, thoughtful, and purposeful in crafting this key piece of digital brand real estate, you can outshine larger companies and competitors on LinkedIn — and members will take notice.

We’ll list some of the best small business LinkedIn Pages we’ve come across shortly, but first let’s cover the benefits and attributes of a high-quality Page.

Benefits of a LinkedIn Page for your Small Business

As you grow the following for your small business LinkedIn Page, you increase your organic reach on the platform. It’s a space to share your work, demonstrate your company’s values, and build a community. Easily discovered through search (both on LinkedIn and via search engines), the LinkedIn Page is a highly visible social media presence for your brand, and you can make it more visible by taking the right steps.

What Makes the Best Small Business LinkedIn Pages?

Talk to any number of LinkedIn aficionados, small business owners, or sales and marketing pros, and they’ll each give you a different set of guidelines to focus on in order to wow people with your LinkedIn Page. But, there are a few common traits that all great Pages have in common.

Complete Your LinkedIn Page

Members will not be impressed if they land your LinkedIn Page only to find minimal content, outdated information, and little clarity. Completing your LinkedIn Page — that is, filling out all necessary information — is a vital step in helping your company reach new heights on LinkedIn. In fact, companies with complete information get 30% more weekly views.

Here’s what to include to make sure your small business LinkedIn Page is complete:

Company Overview

Think of your Company Overview like the “About Us” section of your website. This is where you tell your audience what you’re all about. What product or service does your company offer? What makes you different from the competition? Why should they follow you? Share your mission, vision, story, and goals, as well as what users can expect by following your Page. Keep things short, sweet, and to the point. Look to our examples below for inspiration!

Logo and Header Image

Your brand is determined by how it’s outwardly perceived, and visual cues go a long way in that department. Without a logo or header image, audience members may have a hard time knowing whether they’ve landed on the right LinkedIn Page, resulting in a loss of trust and credibility. Not to mention, companies with a logo image see up to six times more traffic to their Page than those without.

If you need to make a free logo in a hurry, try using It’s intuitive and has premade logo templates that you can easily update with your brand colors and fonts. You can find recommended image specs here.


Your LinkedIn Page may be your digital space in the online professional community, but your visitors will want to know where you exist in the physical world, too. Adding a location to your LinkedIn Page establishes credibility by showing visitors that you exist both online and offline, which is essential given modern concerns about trust on the internet.

You can now also list multiple locations on your LinkedIn Page. As your business grows, be sure to capture that success by updating your locations.

Website URL

Including your website URL on your small business LinkedIn Page is a no-brainer. To send new users and potential customers to your website to get in touch or learn more about your product or service, be sure your website URL is included on your Page. Use the custom CTA button at the top of your Page to inspire the exact action you’d like Page visitors to take with your business.

Complete Other Areas

Filling out your LinkedIn Page in its entirety will bode well for your business, because it helps ensure users find answers to the questions they might have. Here are a few other areas to double-check that you’ve filled out to ensure a stand-out Page:

  • Headquarters. Give your Page visitors a quick understanding of where your business comes from. Similar to your address, this helps people think about your business as a legitimate entity, rather than a mere webpage.

  • Company Size. Whether a potential customer is specifically looking to work with a small business, or an eager applicant wants to be part of a growing team, including the size of your company on your LinkedIn Page helps paint a fuller picture for visitors.

  • Industry. When prospective customers, vendors, and employees search for businesses on LinkedIn, they often narrow their search using Advanced Search features like Industry. Adding your industry to your LinkedIn Page helps the right people find you.

Make Your LinkedIn Page SEO-friendly

Just like your website, you want your company LinkedIn Page to show up on the first page of search engine results. Here’s how to make your optimize your LinkedIn Page for SEO:

  • Use keywords. Include powerful, keyword-rich sentences in your company description. Google’s search previews up to 156 characters, so consider including the most relevant search keywords in the beginning of your company description, while also clearly communicating who you are. You can also use keywords in your specialities by listing what your company is good at and known for in quick, targeted phrases.

  • Create linking opportunities. Encourage others to link to your LinkedIn Page whenever possible (email signatures are a good opportunity), and ask your employees to add your Page to their current work experience.

Interact With Your Followers and Audience

As mentioned, creating a small business LinkedIn Page gives you the opportunity to interact with your followers and audience members in real-time. After all, LinkedIn is a social network. The goal is to be social! So, here are a few simple ways to begin interacting with your followers:

  • Share content regularly. Companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content. We recommend posting daily to keep a consistent presence.

  • Include rich media. It’s almost always a good idea to include an image, video, or other rich media in your posts, if you can. Images generally see a 2x higher comment rate, and video is 5x more likely to spark a conversation than any other type of content shared on LinkedIn.

  • Leverage Associated Hashtags. This new LinkedIn Page feature allows Page owners to add up to three industry or business-related hashtags to their Page. By adding these hashtags, small businesses associate these conversations with their brand and are able to enter each hashtag’s feed and interact from the perspective of the business (rather than the individual).

Attract New Talent

Finding the right talent is a top priority for companies looking to grow, and companies who post jobs on LinkedIn report a 40% higher rating on quality candidates. You can post a job on LinkedIn and make it easy for candidates to find you. Entice potential candidates by utilizing the Life tab on your LinkedIn Page, which helps showcase what makes working at your company so rewarding.

The 11 Best Small Business LinkedIn Pages We’ve Seen

Without further ado, here are the 11 best small business LinkedIn Pages we’ve seen — examples that follow all the best practices outlined above, and are reaping the benefits. Check them out:

1. Greenhouse Software

A leading provider of enterprise talent acquisition software, Greenhouse Software’s Page stands out with a colorful cover photo, a sharp tagline, and a great description. They also make use of our new Associated Hashtags feature, making it clear that they are part of the recruiting community.

2. HackerEarth

HackerEarth is a software solutions provider utilizing the tagline feature and an engaging banner image to tell the story of their brand. They too are associating their brand with hashtags relevant to their industry, including #hackaton, #recruitingsoftware, and #openinnovation.

3. Ripple

Ripple, a financial settlement solutions provider, stands out by leveraging the Life tab on their small business LinkedIn Page. They share relevant information about what it’s like to work for their team — including links to their blog and a humanizing video.


B2B conversation intelligence platform grabs your attention with a stunning and visually cohesive banner/logo combo. Like Ripple, they make good use of the Life tab, giving members an inside look into what it’s like working for

5. Akkroo

This a computer software company hits the mark with a comprehensive overview and multiple specialities that help visitors understand the unique nature of this events + martech company. They also boast an affiliated page, as well as a featured group, which builds a sense of network and community on their small but mighty Page.

6. Bynder

Digital asset management platform Bynder keeps prominent initiatives front-and-center by featuring them on their Page banner. They also list multiple locations under their About tab, signifying their expansive reach as a company and lending tangible legitimacy to their success.

7. Skybridge Capital

They might have only 80 employees on LinkedIn, but Skybridge Capital has earned nearly 7,000 followers of their Page. Skybridge nurtures this audience growth through consistent and useful content updates. They too leverage multiple location listings on LinkedIn, demonstrating their international reach.

8. ePac Flexible Packaging

A colorful banner image, rich description, and multiple specialties help the ePac Flexible Packaging Page stand out from the competition. They associate their community with hashtags #digitalprinting and #flexiblepackaging and also take care to list our their multiple North American locations.

9. Lemonade

One look at its LinkedIn banner image tells you exactly where home insurance company Lemonade is located. Their team leverages Associate Hashtags, a unique CTA button at the top of their Page, and an authentic voice to gain attention and trust from key audience members.

10. Devex

Devex is a development platform with a simple and straightforward tagline, stated clearly on their LinkedIn Page: Do good. Do it well. The Devex Page is crisp, clean, and bold, and the company has earned a strong reputation for sharing videos highlighting the stories of real clients and employees.

11. FreshBooks

Ranked by Forbes as one of the Best Small Companies, this provider of accounting software shares helpful content regularly and offers an outstanding experience in the 'Life' tab, which is headed by an inviting banner announcing that at FreshBooks, "It's Bring Yourself to Work Day." They also make good use of their Overview section by pointing visitors to their blog, careers site, and another social account.

Make Your LinkedIn Page Exemplary

There are endless opportunities to make your small business LinkedIn Page stand out among the crowd. Whether you give it a visual facelift by updating your logo and banner image, or spend time optimizing your company description with relevant keywords, showing your Page a little TLC can go a long way. When in doubt, return to this list of outstanding small business LinkedIn Pages for inspiration.

For more guidance on getting the most out of your LinkedIn Page as a small business owner, download the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses.