How Thoughtworks Generated 20x More Leads Using LinkedIn’s Targeting Tools

June 4, 2021

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Headquartered in Chicago, Thoughtworks is a global software consultancy that helps organizations achieve digital fluency and solve complex problems using technology. As more companies embraced digital-first mindsets and sought ways to build their digital skills, the company saw an opportunity to expand its thought leadership program. 


In response, Thoughtworks launched Perspectives, a digital publication designed to deliver practical, actionable advice to senior executives. In order to build its readership and subscriber base, the company needed to find a way to stand out in an already cluttered content landscape. 


To boost Perspectives’ profile, the company developed a sophisticated social strategy on LinkedIn to generate awareness, search intent and lead generation

First, Thoughtworks zeroed-in on finding the right audience by leveraging LinkedIn’s Audience Targeting. Sorting prospective by job roles and company titles enabled the company to serve up business and technology content that resonated with its targets. 

What’s more, an Intent-Based Search Result helped them pinpoint the prospects who were particularly engaged by the topics covered in Perspectives. They also leveraged LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Form to attract quality prospects. Now, they are in a position to nurture even more of their most valuable leads.

Building readership for a new executive publication is not easy, particularly because there's a lot of valuable content out there. With LinkedIn, we were able to laser-focus our targeting efforts and generate a remarkable volume of quality leads." –Natalie Drucker, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Thoughtworks

We’ve put together the following infographic to show how Thoughtworks was able to generate 20x more leads than other platforms combined.

Discover Audiences Ready to Do Business on LinkedIn

Making sure their content ended up in front of the right readers was key to helping Thoughtworks grow its relevance with its subscribership. The success of their campaign exemplified LinkedIn’s unique power to reach business professionals when they’re in the right frame of mind – ready to do business.

Helping your content shine in an industry where your competitor’s valuable content is just a few keystrokes away is difficult. Check out the full infographic to learn more about how Thoughtworks was able to gain traction with senior leaders.