Introducing the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017

What Professionals Are Reading on the LinkedIn Platform

June 7, 2017

Welcome to the first edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly. This report, which will appear after the close of every quarter, uses LinkedIn data from the first quarter of this year to examine what content LinkedIn members are engaging with on the platform.

In this quarterly offering, we also use LinkedIn data to examine what kind of articles a specific audience is interacting with on the platform. This quarter, we’ve examined what articles and topics caught the interest of CXOs. And finally, we dove into the specific and important topic of ad viewability to gauge what articles about the topic are resonating with the broad swath of LinkedIn members.   

Top Topics

In the first quarter of 2017, LinkedIn members published more than 100,000 articles per week on the platform. Among the top 10 topics that resonated with members and received the most engagement on LinkedIn, what’s interesting is how crucial the topics of hiring and employee retention seem to be. Among the top five topics, three involved hiring or employee retention: No. 1 recruiting; No. 2 employee engagement; and No. 5 recruiters. The other highly engaging topics included “social media marketing” at No. 4; social media marketing remains a complicated tactic that marketers are still trying to understand how to leverage. Europe and its standing at the No. 6 topic indicates that businesses are grappling with the potential impacts of President Trump, Brexit, and French election (which was on the horizon in the first quarter) on European politics.

Top Articles

Two of the top three articles posted on LinkedIn in the first quarter of the year addressed the subject of sales — which is not surprising. Finding good salespeople and uncovering the mysteries of effective sales are perennial preoccupations of businesses, in good times and in bad. Another preoccupation of businesses is establishing a positive culture to attract and retain employees, and five of the top 15 articles examined hiring and culture (e.g., “Bad Manager Mistakes That Make Good People Quit” and “High Performing Jerks = Culture Crushers”). Articles, such as “Having Children Destroyed My Career,” that shared personal stories detailing the downside of overworking also resonated with LinkedIn members. And in a politically charged climate surrounding the issue of immigration, two articles in the top 15 addressed the topic: “Immigration: We Simply Cannot Afford This” and “Why I Moved Back to India After 10+ Years in the USA.” And no top 15 would be complete without a compelling list, such as “The 38 Most Inspiring Leadership Quotes I Know.”

Top Growth Topics

The article topics showing remarkable growth in engagement in the first quarter offer a window on how business is being influenced by the world at large. Four of the top six article topics showing the highest growth in the first quarter involved the hot topic of immigration: No. 1 naturalization”; No 2. “L-1 (visa)”; No. 5 “immigration issues”; and No. 6 “visas.” The growth in the “accounts receivable” topic, which increased 1,582% in the first quarter, may be sending a warning sign that companies are having increasing trouble with collections. And yoga’s place at No. 8, with 1,109% growth, may signal that business people are looking for new ways to handle stress.   

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Top Articles That Engage CXOs

The top articles on LinkedIn that C-level executives find engaging tend to cover business growth and personal growth — or the intersection of both. About half of the articles in the top 10 explored how to achieve personal or business growth with articles that include “The Human Side of Responsible Growth” and “18 Rookie Errors Founders Make Pitching to VCs.”

Top Topics That Engage CXOs

In the first quarter, C-level executives engaged more often than the typical LinkedIn user with article topics that dealt with finance on either a personal or business level. In fact, seven of the top 10 article topics engaged with by CXOs on the LinkedIn platform involved finances in some fashion: No. 1  joint ventures; No. 2 IPO; No. 4 inheritance tax planning; No. 6 hard money loans; and No. 7 venture capital.

Top Articles on Ad Viewability

In the marketing and advertising sector, viewability of ads is a hot topic. It is an issue that needs to be resolved, so that advertisers are only paying for ads that web visitors have actually seen. The articles receiving the most engagement ran the gamut on the viewability issue, from measurement to news to a bit of argumentative posting.

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Look for the next issue of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly shortly after the close of the second quarter. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog to keep pace with the latest changes in digital marketing.