The VARs Mindset Shift: A Guide for Channel Marketers

January 9, 2020

The VARs Mindset Shift: A Guide for Channel Marketers

Channel marketers at value-added resellers (VARs) know there’s a better way to structure partner marketing plans.

Campaigns are often rapid-fire, involve inefficient heavy lifting and produce leads that churn and burn out. Where are the valuable, long-lasting customers VARs and their partners really need?

The problem lies in the current mindset. The game is all about volume — producing as many leads as quickly as possible to prove value. But this play is short-sighted and the leads are short-lived.

Today’s tech buyers expect more. They want to develop a relationship with a brand before signing on to buy. In order to respond to this changing set of values and expectations, VARs must change their marketing approach altogether.

Marketers must be dedicated to long-term strategy, deep audience development and highly targeted campaigns. But making this kind of seismic psychological shift isn’t easy. That’s why we developed this eBook roadmap — to help channel marketers navigate everyday challenges, from dealing with a complex marketing tech stack to developing long-term visions alongside their partner goals.

In this guide, you’ll find: 

  • An overview of the new VAR mindset

  • A roadmap to designing and measuring strategic nurture campaigns

  • The 5 questions all VARs should ask their partners during the planning process

  • Insights on how to optimize campaigns via LinkedIn’s platform

Click here to view the eBook, The Missed VAR Opportunity: Building a More Effective Channel Marketing Strategy.

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