How a Leading Customer Experience Provider Uses Account-Based Marketing and LinkedIn to Reach New Markets

B2B technology marketers with global ambitions need strategies and tools that can regionalize and personalize content at scale

January 5, 2021

With nearly 60 offices across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East andAsia Pacific , Genesys is the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions. From call center software to AI-enabled chatbots, Genesys technology powers more than 70 billion customer interactions annually. 

But with industry analysts like Gartner forecasting that the multi-billion dollar global customer experience business is poised to grow by double-digits over the next few years, the sector is luring competition from both established brands and upstarts angling for a piece of the booming market. 

To help it vie for business in this competitive landscape, Genesys turned to the reach and scale afforded by an account-based marketing program leveraging LinkedIn for programmatic execution. 

By working closely with sales to identify key prospects, then tailoring customized programs and personalized messages to the buying groups inside targeted accounts, the Genesys marketing team was able to open new markets in new regions and nurture younger markets to higher states of maturity. 

Marketing solutions across a diverse range of geographies calls for tightly coordinated campaigns. That’s where account-based marketing with LinkedIn enters the picture, said Jenny Rhine, Director of Digital Marketing at Genesys. 

“Account-based marketing and LinkedIn centralizes our approach and strategy,” Rhine said. “If our field marketing teams in China and South Africa share the same goal, the same priorities, and everybody is executing against the same plan, then that allows us to craft our content to reflect important regional and cultural differences that drive results.” 

LinkedIn continues to help Genesys extend beyond regionalization to personalization, which has been critical for their team to scale advertising and grow in new markets, said Jeff Massamillo, VP of Digital at Genesys.

“Account-based marketing on LinkedIn has allowed us to target markets that were previously unreachable,” Massamillo said. “We can look at our total addressable market and take a very segmented approach using LinkedIn data and insights. Based on this data, we now take our products and match them to the right customers. This was the big shift needed to really scale our marketing while also personalizing and targeting the market in innovative ways.” 

Camila Cook, Genesys Director of Digital Campaigns for the Americas, helped roll out account-based marketing on LinkedIn across a territory that stretched from Montreal to Buenos Aires. She saw the benefits of tight coordination between marketing and sales as content was successfully regionalized and personalized. “We were really able to grow the market in Latin America with thought leadership that spoke not only to the specific challenges of a particular industry in a country, but also to the unique interests of individuals,” Cook said. 

She knew account-based marketing on LinkedIn was a success when sales teams who had formerly been somewhat skeptical of marketing’s contribution to closed deals, began asking marketing for help on difficult accounts. In fact, Corey Bischoff, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Operations for Genesys, said that account-based marketing on LinkedIn at Genesys is now at an “inflection point.” It’s proved its value and now is the time to introduce it worldwide: “We are going to grow our skills and our talent and continue to take this program globally.” 

When asked to give advice to other B2B marketers with market expansion on their list of priorities, Rhine and Cook offered this advice: Don’t be afraid to collaborate. The returns of a partnership between marketing and sales become apparent very quickly and success brings more success. 

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