Allen Blue

Allen Blue

Vice President, Product Management, LinkedIn

Allen Blue

Allen is one of LinkedIn's co-founders and is currently responsible for LinkedIn's content, community and communications product initiatives, including products such as LinkedIn Today, Signal, Homepage, Groups, and Polls.

Prior to Linkedin, Allen designed exploratory products and marketing programs at PayPal, and was part of the founding team at, a first-generation social site supporting dating, recreational and professional activities.  

Before entering technology, Allen lectured in Drama at Stanford University.  Allen also serves as an advisor for several small startups, in and out of the technology space.


  • Thursday, February 13, 2014 10:15am - 11:00am

    LinkedIn & The Economic Graph

    LinkedIn Co-Founder, Allen Blue and LinkedIn’s Head of Content, Dan Roth, discuss LinkedIn’s lofty vision for building an economic graph that digitally manifests every economic opportunity in the world. Hear why LinkedIn is ultimately positioned to help lift the global economy and what kinds of opportunities that opens up for members and businesses around the globe.