Be More Productive With Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Discover how to combine Sales Navigator’s social selling tools within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

June 11, 2015


CRM integration saves up to 30 minutes of time every day while increasing sales productivity by 17%, per rep. Source: Accenture study

Last September we extended our commitment to help you save time by launching LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce. Since then, we’ve listened to your feedback and as a result have expanded our integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This new upgrade will help open up new market opportunities for Microsoft customers that are interested in connecting their social selling activities to their pipeline and workflow efforts to improve performance and productivity.

What’s new with Sales Navigator inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Our latest updates integrate Sales Navigator features within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. With LinkedIn information embedded right into Dynamics CRM, you can carry out your sales efforts without disrupting your workflow. This enhancement will allow you to to enjoy all the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

These features include:

Send connection requests, messages and use InMail directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

The upgraded Account Profiles feature shows the latest lead and account updates, including news mentions, shares, job changes, and more. Take action on updates by sending InMail messages, creating customized connection requests and saving new leads right from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Discover lead recommendations:

Find new leads directly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When you view Account, Lead, Opportunity, and Contact Profiles within Dynamics CRM, we’ll show you others with similar decision-maker profiles, who could become your next big lead.


View prospect profiles and discover team connections:

When you view a prospect’s profile inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sales Navigator will display people at your company who are connected to your prospect with a TeamLink logo directly next to their profile. TeamLink helps you find the best path into your prospect’s door by using your own company network to help you secure warm introductions.


Access important company information:

Find important prospect company info: Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays your target company’s description, HQ address, website, contact info and more.


This new integration means you can easily connect with leads, ask team members for warm intros, send messages, and get new lead recommendations—all within Dynamics.

We currently support the 2011, 2013 and 2015 Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions, online and on-premises. To start using this upgraded tool today, please visit our Help Center to find the new installation guide.

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