Are You Afraid of Being in the Dark? Shed Some Light with PointDrive!

October 31, 2018

Lighting a Candle in a Dark Room

Fear of the dark is among the most common phobias for humans, spanning all ages, backgrounds, and geographies. Around Halloween time, we reliably see plenty of gloomy themes in accordance with this familiar source of fright.

But here’s the thing: In most cases, being afraid of the dark isn’t really about darkness, per se. As William Lyons wrote in his 1985 book, Emotion (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy): “Fear of the dark may not be fear of the absence of light but fear of the absence of knowledge or, to put it more exactly, fear arising because one does not know what might be out there in the dark.”

We fear the unknown. And that’s why email attachments can cause feelings of dread for both sender and recipient. The PointDrive feature in Sales Navigator is designed to help alleviate this foreboding uncertainty through transparency and illumination on both ends.

Taking Shock Out of the Inbox for Buyers

Email anxiety is a real thing, and when salespeople can help reduce the stress of an overloaded inbox for buyers, it is appreciated. PointDrive enables you to deliver customized content packages while bypassing the email inbox, by simply sharing a URL to a dedicated landing page that contains all the assets they need.

Upon arriving at a PointDrive presentation, buyers won’t have to deal with trying to decipher what they’re looking at, or downloading foreign files onto their PCs. Everything is clearly labeled and described with absolute transparency — the number of pages in a product overview doc, the runtime of a demo video, etc. – and it can all be accessed directly from their browser or mobile device.

For recipients, navigating sales emails can be akin to feeling your way through a pitch-black room, with little idea of what you’ll stumble into next. PointDrive turns this into a luminous experience with no secrets or surprises.

Shedding a Light on Insights for Sellers

Putting buyers at ease is a crucial consideration for today’s sales pro, but on our end, we also deal with a fair amount of disconcerting ambiguity when sending important materials via email.

Did the message actually get read? Did the recipient engage with any of the content I sent? Did they share it with anyone else?

Email provides us with essentially zero visibility into any of these outcomes. With PointDrive, you get the full picture. PointDrive insights offer up a wealth of information about how viewers interacted with the content in your presentation, so you can determine what’s resonating and what’s not. You can also track who else in the organization has viewed your content through PointDrive, further enlightening your sales approach.

The Calming Confidence of Clarity

Sales conversations are far less scary for all involved when we’re able to lift the unsettling pall of the unknown. This is a central strength of selling on LinkedIn generally — buyers can easily click into a sales rep’s profile to learn about them and what they do, lessening the anonymity of digital engagements — and it’s a key advantage of using PointDrive to distribute key content.

To learn about how you can create better experiences for B2B prospects and buyers, download our guide, Get Closer to Your Prospects.