Inside the Sellers Studio: Tips and Tricks for the Modern Sales Person

August 7, 2019

Inside the Sellers Studio: Tips and Tricks for the Modern Sales Person

With a changing B2B sales landscape and increasingly sophisticated customers, a successful sales professionals need to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. Because sales is a results driven industry full of motivated and action oriented people, one fantastic innovation that can “level up” your sales strategy is incorporating video along the sales process.  

Our series Inside the Sellers Studio went deep into how and why video is valuable at every step of the sales process. Hearing from sales and marketing experts, it was clear that video when used appropriately can add value all along the sales process. From the top of the funnel in generating awareness and helping to connect buyers and sellers to the bottom of the funnel where video can help add that extra bit of credibility and trust to help a sales professional in converting a customer, closing a deal, or even growing their existing book of business; video is a valuable way to scale authentic and human connections in the purchasing process. 

In this follow up series, we will get a little more tactical and practical. Sam McKenna, an Enterprise Sales leader at LinkedIn and founder of #SamSales will help translate the “why” into the “how” . She will walk you through the key steps that will allow you to create your own engaging and successful sales video and also provide  actionable tips and tricks you can use to make the most of the videos you create. We hope to inspire and motivate you to start shooting, creating, and making an impact on your sales goals and with your customers.

Episode 1: Planning

Just as you would never go into a call or meeting unprepared, you also shouldn’t make a video unprepared. Because video is so great at conveying feelings and emotions, it is especially valuable and suited to situations where you want to scale both personal connections and customized insights for your prospects and customers. Since you can customize the videos to the needs of your customers, there is no “standard” formula for what will work. Instead, Sam will walk you through the 3 most important questions  to keep in mind as you create and plan your sales videos.

Who - It is important to have an audience in mind before you create your videos. If you know who the key decision maker is and their needs and pain points, it means that the tone and content of your video will be valuable

What - The content or the “what” of the message you want to convey is critical to the success of your video. Make sure that what you are saying is relevant, valuable, and to the point (a.k.a. brief); Something that the audience can understand and connect quickly to the product or service you are offering

Why - This provides context for the conversation and shows the customer that you understand them and can be a value add. This means that they are more likely to be engaged with the video that you create. By understanding the context and situation of your customers, you can also tweak the format, tone, and content of your video appropriately.

Want to learn more about incorporating video into the sales process?

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