Inside the Sellers Studio: Maintaining and Growing with Video

July 24, 2019

Inside the Sellers Studio: Maintaining and Growing with Video

In the first two parts of our series Inside the Sellers Studio we discussed how valuable video can be in establishing connections and raising brand awareness. While many people think that video is primarily something that helps with top of the funnel strategies, video can also add value towards the bottom of the funnel as well. In particular, because video humanizes the sales process in an increasingly commoditized sales landscape, it can be a fantastic tool to help maintain and grow customer relationships.

Sales with a Human Touch

In LinkedIn’s latest State of Sales Report, 96% of decision makers mentioned that they are more likely to consider a brand’s products or services when the experience is personalized and the sales professional has a clear understanding of their business needs. With technology becoming such a huge part of the sales process, there is a wealth of information that is available to decision makers but there is also a loss of the “personal touch”.  As sales professionals try to scale their selling efforts more broadly using newer technology, face to face interactions are becoming more rare and sales people are becoming increasingly commodified. Because of this, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors. While having differentiated products and features used to go a long way towards differentiation, getting that message to your buyer is now more challenging than ever. Buyers are bombarded with messages and overwhelmed with information.  

At the end of the day, human connections and trust are still what matters in the buying process and using conventional sales tactics like cold emailing or cold calling no longer cuts it. The modern buyer finds these approaches impersonal and automated. Using video is a great tool for a sales professional, because it allows for face to face interaction at scale to build trust and maintain customer relationships. With video, you can leverage technology to work for you, enabling face to face interactions with a variety of customers and prospects. It also allows you to tailor the experience to your audience, allowing you and your brands stand out from the sea of undifferentiated competitors. By creating a human voice for your brand and establishing trust with your customers, video can enable you to not only make the first initial sale but continue to grow and maintain customer relationships once that initial deal is made.

Video in the Non-Linear Sales Cycle

With buyers increasingly educated and knowledgeable about the products and offerings, the B2B sales cycle is no longer linear. The sales process no longer begin with the traditional introduction; increasingly buyers are assessing what value you can bring to them and a successful sales professional must be aware of this. Likewise, the sales process no longer “ends” one you make a successful deal. Buyers and customers are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the value of your products and services; maintaining customers success and growing with your customers is now a critical part of sales success. Video offers a great opportunity to maintain and grow relationships with your customers even after the deal has closed. Updating your customers on your products and services helps keep them engaged with the value that you bring. Additionally, maintaining contact or even re-establishing contact after the initial deal helps further emphasize that you are a trusted partner, not just a vendor. By using video, you can keep the face to face aspect of customer relationship development, tailor it to the changing needs of your customers, and still be able to scale to serve the needs of a variety of customers.

Inside the Sellers Studio: Grow

Today, we are sitting down with David JP Fisher, Sales Speaker, Author, & Coach. He shares with us his experiences on how video has enabled him to both grow and maintain relationships with his customers and prospects. In addition, he provides some helpful advice on what the key things are to be aware of when you create your own sales videos.

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