New CRM integrations: Expanding the System of Engagement

July 25, 2017

CRM Integration

Over the last year, our product team has made great progress towards making Sales Navigator the best version of LinkedIn for salespeople and the System of Engagement for our customers, including launching a CRM partner program and deepening our CRM integrations.

CRM systems house the details you and your team rely on each and every day -- the System of Record for your business, and a place where LinkedIn can contribute meaningfully to accelerate your relationships.

Our partners at HubSpot and Zoho recently added new CRM Widgets, allowing users to view LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile information -- including photos, work history, job titles, and TeamLink shared connections -- within those CRMs. With these CRM Widgets, Hubspot and Zoho users enjoy a view of key LinkedIn information within their CRM, where sales activity is already tracked. This functionality is also available for Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce customers using CRM Widgets.

The new integrations with HubSpot and Zoho deliver a great experience, deepening the engagement between CRM and Sales Navigator. We remain committed to meaningfully advancing professional relationships, and continuing to further Sales Navigator functionality with our partners -- please keep an eye on our partners page for continued updates and announcements.