Get Closer to Your Sales Prospects with Help from This New Guide

July 17, 2018

Relationship Selling on Sales Navigator

By and large, buyers don’t do business with random sales reps who pop out of nowhere to pitch their solution. Artificial advocacy and cookie-cutter outreach don’t move the needle anymore. A certain level of genuine trust is critical, and in order to build it, we must get closer to our prospects.

Relationship selling is the name of the game for today’s B2B sales teams, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to help sales pros do just that, serving as your conduit to deeper insights and better connections. But no tool is all that valuable without the know-how to optimally use it.

To equip sellers with ample direction, we’ve put together a new guide, Get Closer to Your Prospects: How the LinkedIn Sales Team Leverages Sales Navigator to Target, Understand and Engage Prospects.

Much like the Secret Sauce guide for marketing on LinkedIn, this digital handbook features exclusive tips on getting the most out of LinkedIn products from actual LinkedIn pros who use them in the field. We’ve gathered input from several high-performing account executives, sales development reps, and relationship managers who have been able to level up the productivity of their teams through Sales Navigator.

Among the nuggets you’ll find within our latest Guide:

  • Expert guidance on tapping into Sales Navigator’s most powerful capabilities, like Advanced Lead and Company Search
  • Tactics for using Lead Recommendations to generate pathways to new deals and to expand your presence in target accounts
  • Why the “first-mover advantage” is so crucial, and how to attain it with real-time sales updates
  • Simple instructions for integrating your CRM with Sales Navigator to create a unified sales experience
  • Advice on breaking the ice and jumpstarting interactions with InMail messages
  • Pointers on developing customized content packages with PointDrive, and using engagement data to surface new information around buying committees
  • Tips to help you take full advantage of your organization’s extended professional network through TeamLink

There is no conversion without a conversation. LinkedIn helps sales professionals spark meaningful engagements that set the stage for fruitful relationships, and the proof is in the numbers — according to LSS insights research, Sales Navigator users connect with more than twice as many decision makers as non-users.

At a time when purchase decisions and buying committees are growing more complex, we need to look beyond the single sale and toward the big picture. A persistent focus on relationship selling falls in line with this strategic view, and Sales Navigator can help your team adopt and excel with these practices.

Let the experiences of successful users guide you by downloading Get Closer to Your Prospects, and access the full extent of Sales Navigator’s potential.