Follow These Sales Process Steps to Overcome Barriers to Sales ROI [Guide]

December 13, 2018

Follow These Sales Process Steps to Overcome Barriers to Sales ROI [Guide]

We’re ringing in the holidays with 12 days of awesome sales content to prep you for the new year. Today, we offer up a few sales process steps you can take to make believers out of your clients and win more deals, leading to clear and compelling ROI.

Spruce up your sales with 12 days of content: Day 4

In the world of B2B sales, nobody is buying what can’t be backed up with visible proof. For business decision makers and sales executives alike, seeing is believing.

One of our core focuses with Sales Navigator is helping sales teams find more success, and ensuring they can demonstrate it. Our new guide, Seeing is Believing: Overcoming Barriers to ROI with Sales Navigator, will show you how to take full advantage of the platform to deliver results that speak for themselves.

Sales Process Steps to Overcome ROI Challenges

Modern sales leaders face a number of professional hurdles, not the least of which is adapting to a changing digital environment. As the B2B marketplace continues to change, the strategies for growing your pipeline and closing more deals need to change, too.

Though the tactics are changing, the modern sales leader faces a familiar set of challenges. A few of the most common ones we hear include:

  1. Driving more pipeline
  2. Closing larger deals
  3. Increasing win rates

Sound about right?

To meet these challenges (and more), our new guide examines the problems plaguing modern sales leaders and offers data-driven strategies for overcoming them.

Buyers Expect Highly Personalized Experiences from Account Executives

An average of 6.8 people are now involved in B2B purchasing decisions. For account executives, it can feel nearly impossible to keep track of the many individuals you need to involve in the sales process. Not only that, but buyers expect highly personalized experiences tailored to their specific needs.

This guides shows how LinkedIn Sales Navigator and its many features allow account executives and account managers to target the right buyers, understand prospects and their businesses, and engage throughout the deal cycle.

Strong Relationships Lead to Account Renewals

Consider that customer experience is the single most important variable in account renewals—more than product or price. Providing a stellar sales experience for your customers is what sets the best account managers apart. But, your chances of booking a new account are 47% lower if you don’t have established relationships with at least six people in the account.

This guide reveals how Sales Navigator’s mix of features creates the perfect toolset for targeting the right buying committee, understanding your accounts and their businesses, and engaging credibly to maintain and strengthen relationships.

You're Only As Good As Your Network 

Reaching busy decision makers is harder than ever these days. Emails go unanswered, calls go unreturned, content goes untouched. When it comes to driving results and demonstrating them, this environment is a tough one for sales leaders. But those who are able to tap into LinkedIn’s value as a selling platform via Sales Navigator are finding an edge.

Our data shows that compared to the average active member on LinkedIn, business decision makers are:

  • 85% more connected
  • 29% more likely to check InMail
  • 2x more likely to share content on LinkedIn

This guide shows you how to reach them with the right messages. 

Ramp Up Your ROI with Sales Navigator

In this guide, we've laid out a simple path for AEs and AMs to establish and grow relationships with prospects and customers. With this tool in hand, you can focus on the right people and companies, stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your accounts, and build trust with important prospects and customers—and that’s just the very beginning.

Learn more about how you can use Sales Navigator to overcome common challenges and set your sales team up for greater success by downloading our guide full of practical tips and handy checklists, Seeing is Believing: Overcoming Barriers to ROI with Sales Navigator.