Integrating your LinkedIn Sales Navigator app/embedded profile with your Salesforce account helps you to search for LinkedIn leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and access other LinkedIn features through your Salesforce CRM. CRM Sync includes features from both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) versions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This guide will walk you through the process of enabling the CRM Sync, including Activity Writeback, between Sales Navigator and Salesforce.

  • ·Full admin access including View and Modify access on one of the following editions:

             o   Salesforce: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer edition

             o   Salesforce: Professional Edition requires API Access (may require an additional fee, contact Salesforce support for more information)

Note: Users can enable CRM sync with only View access. However, Modify access is also required for activity writeback. Read this article to learn more about users and permissions.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator must be already installed for enabling CRM sync. If you haven’t installed Sales Navigator already, follow the steps in the guides below:

            o   Embedded Profile Instructions for SDFC Classic

            o   Embedded Profile Instructions for SDFC Lightning

It is recommended to use an Integration User (rather than a personal or other generic admin account).


  • The use of an Integration User is recommended since personal admin credentials can be revoked when that user leaves the company or their role changes. Using an Integration User can prevent accidental sync disconnection due to permissions changes. If you choose not to use an Integration User on initial setup and desire to change after setup, you can always un-sync and then re-sync with the Integration User as the Salesforce Admin.
  • You can connect to a CRM Sandbox environment to initially test CRM Sync with Sales Navigator and/or test new CRM features before releasing to all your users. To know more, visit this help center article.

You need the below access:

  • Sales Navigator Team or Sales Navigator Enterprise license
  • Sales Nav Team Member Administrator + Team Member license

Admin Only seats can configure the feature but will not be able to verify full functionality for the dashboard’s license holders.

To connect Sales Navigator with Salesforce:

1. Log into LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

2. Click Admin > Admin Settings.

3. Within Admin Settings, go to CRM Settings. 

4. Select Connect to CRM.

Note: A pop-up window appears to select the applicable CRM.  If the pop-up window doesn’t appear, you may have been previously connected. Try to initiate sync from a private browsing window within Firefox or Chrome Incognito, as some issues can be caused by CRM cookie conflicts. If you still see an error message after trying, contact support for further assistance at

5. Click Salesforce to authenticate access.

A window appears prompting you to login into your CRM. Once you complete it, we’ll be able to access the required information.

6. When the connection is successful, you will see Disconnect CRM sync under CRM Settings with Last synced date.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you see the following message (screenshot below), allow 24 hours for the two systems to sync. If you continue to experience issues, contact support at


  • Once you’ve successfully established a sync between your CRM and Sales Navigator, you’ll need to configure your Sales Navigator CRM Settings for your organization. Proceed to the next section to configure CRM sync settings.
  • You can connect to a CRM Sandbox environment to initially test CRM Sync with Sales Navigator and/or test new CRM features before releasing to all your users. To know more, visit this help center article.

Complete the following steps under CRM Settings to configure CRM sync settings in LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Note: Click Show more to view all the listed options in the screenshot below.



Auto sync all seat holders with CRM?

We recommend selecting Yes (optional) to maximize value for your team. Learn how to individually syn licenses here if you select No or you want to make any individual sync changes.


Note: Sales Navigator and CRM email mismatches often cause an error message to appear, and can lead to several seats not syncing as email address is one of the matching fields used during sync. As an admin, you can take steps to fix this issue. For more information, visit this help center article.


At which stage does your sales team consider an opportunity to enter your pipeline? 


Fields available will depend on your CRM settings and selecting Not Sure will still allow the feature to work and pull all open opportunities.


Where do you store the value for a won opportunity?

Fields available will depend on your CRM settings and choosing Not Sure will still allow the feature to work. For the opportunity owner, CRM Accounts and Contacts are saved for all of their open Opportunities who is beyond the stage chosen in Step 2. This is set by the admin for all Sales Navigator seat holders. For more details click here.


Enable Sales Navigator data to sync back to your CRM? 

Refer to the Enable Writeback Functionality section in this guide to complete this.


Enable Data Validation? 

·       This is currently only available to those with a Sales Navigator Enterprise edition subscription, click here to Learn More

·       For more information on enabling Data Validation, refer to the Sales Navigator Data Validation for Salesforce guide.


Enable Contact Creation?

Review this article to complete this section.

Writeback functionality allows you to save InMails, Messages, Notes, Smart Links, and Calls that you create in Sales Navigator directly within your CRM. Writeback is compatible with both desktop and mobile applications.


  • Saving Calls in Sales Navigator is available for mobile app initiated calls only. 
  • Activity writeback setup isn’t required but it is recommended to experience full sync functionality.

To enable activity writeback functionality:

1. Click Admin > Admin Settings in your Sales Navigator homepage.

2.  Under Admin Settings, click CRM Settings.

3.  Click Enable Sales Navigator data to sync back to your CRM?  

Note: If you’ve recently installed but you see the message below, please allow up to 24 hours for the system to sync.

4.  Select the items you want to enable writeback functionality for. Select Sync back all data items if you want to include all features. 

Note: Smart Links activities are written back to your CRM by default and you can’t opt out.

5.  CRM writeback supports LinkedIn members with and without matched CRM records. If writeback occurs and a matched record exists, the activity will be written as a closed activity. If a matched record does not exist, the activity will be written as an open activity and can be found in the Reports folder of your CRM.

6.  Click Test Write-Back to test the write back.

Note: This creates a test Contact record and automatically creates each type of test activity for review.

7. Click View in CRM to review the sample record.  


Note: If you have any validation rules requiring an email address for contacts, this test record won’t be created. You can temporarily disable this rule if you would like to test activity writeback this way. You’ll need to delete this record in your CRM to permanently remove it.

We recommend you share how information appears in this test with your Sales Navigator seat holders to assist them with building reports.

If you have additional questions or require assistance, you can reach LinkedIn Sales Solutions support at

Once you write back InMails, Messages, or Notes by clicking the Copy to CRM button in Sales Navigator, you can access the information in the following locations in your CRM:

Item Written Back to CRM

Location in CRM

InMails and Messages

Under Past Activities of the matched Contact/Lead record


Under Notes & Attachments on the related Contact/Lead/Account record

Calls initiated from the Sales Navigator mobile app

Under Past Activities of the matched contact record of your CRM

Smart Link Views

Under Past Activities of the matched Contact/Lead record.

If a person or company is not matched between Sales Navigator and your CRM

Under Unassigned Activities within the LinkedIn Unresolved Activities report

To troubleshoot People and Company matching issues between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM:

  • Issue: Embedded Profile does not match

      Workaround: Manually create a match in CRM using Embedded Profile display.

Note: Find out more information on matching between your CRM and Sales Navigator Embedded Profile. (The CRM badge matching is separate from this.)

  • Issue: Blue CRM badge does not show on the Sales Navigator Lead Profile but the Embedded Profile display matches

      Workaround:  Access this article to learn how to manually correct this match.