A Glimpse Into the Future of Recruiting: Re-emphasized Employer Brands

December 7, 2015

One of the keys to being strategic in business is knowing where your industry is headed. And, for the world of recruiting, it’s heading towards a re-emphasis on employer branding, particularly on social media.

Recently, we asked roughly 4,000 talent acquisition decision-makers throughout the world what their plans were for 2016. One thing they said was, after a two-year dip, they were re-emphasizing employer branding as a top priority at their organization:

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So how are companies planning to re-emphasize their employer brand? When asked, recruiting leaders said they were worrying less about their internal career page, and more about their social media presence:

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Here’s another interesting fact: The survey showed employer branding is hardly controlled by talent acquisition teams alone. In fact, the trend is going toward talent acquisition teams sharing responsibility for employer branding with other departments, with 47 percent sharing that responsibility with their marketing team.

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Examples of what the future of employer branding looks like

To help you start creating the content talent acquisition leaders are putting an emphasis on, we looked for companies that were already doing it. A great example is Medallia, which made two standout videos for its career page that can also be shared on social media:

We also found 13 companies that nailed their LinkedIn career page photos, which essentially serve as first impressions into a company’s culture. Two standout examples included Lego and NASA (we’re going to assume you can figure out which ones which):

  • employer brand
  • employer brand

Finally, we found nine companies that really got how to use social media to build an employer brand. Specifically, instead of only posting jobs, they posted interesting updates that draw in an audience.

One example is Network Sunday, which posts challenges you can’t help but want to solve:

  • employer brand

Another is Toshiba, which knows how to brand itself as a company with real purpose:

  • employer brand


The six examples above of great employer branding might seem silly at first and certainly don’t represent an entire strategy. But the fact is, they grab prospects’ attention in the way predictable content doesn’t, and differentiate their respective companies.

If your company is one of the many that is looking to re-emphasize its employer brand to help attract top talent, use this content as inspiration. Find out what qualities you want to highlight about working at your organization – fun, collaboration, purpose, etc – and then begin designing engaging content around that.

Ultimately, the goal of any employer brand is to get the right peoples’ attention. The best way to do that is perhaps creating something a bit outrageous, but still remains true to what it’s really like to work at your organization.

*Image from Medallia

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