The 10 Most Viewed Job Posts on LinkedIn in the U.S.

February 21, 2018

At first glance, Tesla and The Ellen Degeneres Show don't have much in common. But, it turns out they do share one important thing: a lot of people want to work there.

In fact, according to LinkedIn data, a Communications Manager role at Tesla was the most viewed job post on LinkedIn in the U.S. last year. And, an Associate Producer role at The Ellen Degeneres show was the fourth most viewed. With Tesla’s goal to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy” and Ellen Degeneres’ comedic genius, it’s no wonder people were clambering for these roles.

But, these weren't the only popular jobs posts. Overall, open roles in entertainment, sports, travel and tech industries got a lot of attention last year. And, with over half a million total views in 2017, we’ve outlined the top 10 most-viewed jobs. Whether you work for a big brand name or tiny startup, there are lessons that any recruiter can take away from this ranking in order to make your job posts stand out.  

The 10 most-viewed LinkedIn U.S. job posts in 2017

  1. Communications Manager - Tesla
  2. Summer Intern - Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  3. Entry-Level Engineer - Illumina
  4. Associate Producer - The Ellen Degeneres Show
  5. Corporate Intern - Michael Kors
  6. Corporate Sales Account Manager - Southwest Airlines
  7. Temp Project Coordinator - BBC Worldwide
  8. Business Strategy Manager - Philadelphia 76ers
  9. Entry-Level Asset Manager- Neuberger Berman
  10. Project Coordinator - HBO

While some of these job descriptions may have gotten a lot of attention simply because they are attached to big brand names, others used specific tactics to appeal to their target audience, many of whom are entry-level. Keep in mind that job descriptions can do so much more than just communicate an opening at your company—they can attract the right candidates to apply, position your company as a great place to work, and ultimately help you recruit talent more efficiently.

Here are a few tips based on what some of the companies in the top 10 did to make their open roles stand out:

1. Describe your mission, values, and culture in a way that connects with candidates

In the the opening of your job post, it’s crucial to sell candidate’s on why they should want to join your company. This is where you can highlight your mission and describe your culture in a way that will connect with them before you describe the nuts-and-bolts requirements of the position later in the post.

Illumia does a great job of grabbing potential candidates attention with their mission:

Do you want to make a difference? Illumina’s mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. If that inspires you, let’s talk.

They then go on to describe their culture and values:

We’ve built a culture fueled by innovation, collaboration and openness, and established ourselves as the global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies. Our people and our technology change lives by driving advancements in life sciences, oncology, reproductive health, agriculture and other emerging markets. We are deeply passionate about what we do, because we know that our work has the power to improve lives.

Together, this shows candidates how passionate Illumia’s employees are about what they do and also describes the company’s impact on people’s lives, another great thing to include in a job description.

2. Talk about how the job will impact the business

Beyond the impact that the company makes, people really want to know what impact their role will make. They want to know that what they will be working on has value.

The Philadelphia 76ers began by explaining the importance of the department:

The Sixers Strategy department is a small fast-paced group that sets the organization’s corporate strategy, manages key business initiatives, and advises senior executives on all aspects of business operations.

And then going on to say that the person who fills the role will help solve some of their biggest challenges:

As a Manager in the Strategy Department, you will work directly on all aspects of the Sixers business strategy and help senior executives solve the most complex issues the business faces.

It’s clear that this person’s work will have influence. And even if the role won’t have this much sway, figure out what makes it unique—ask other people in that role or the hiring manager what will be the highlight of this person’s job and make them feel truly valued.

As a side note, if the role does have any drawbacks, it’s also important to voice those here, instead of hiding them with clever language. This will weed out any candidates who dislike traveling, or say, having to work independently for long periods of time.

3. Highlight opportunities to grow and advance their career

This is especially important for entry-level or internship positions—these candidates will want to know that they will have opportunities to learn and grow at your company.

Royal Caribbean and Michael Kors make growth opportunities clear in their intern job descriptions. Michael Kors says that the job provides an opportunity to “gain exposure to the inner workings of a global retail corporation” and “receive training and develop their skills and knowledge under the guidance of experienced professionals.”

Royal Caribbean says that interns “will be a part of our dynamic, global workforce and gain insight into how we create the products, systems and services that help us deliver the best vacation experience to our guests on land and at sea.” They go on to say the company “has a wide range of departments that recruit undergrads or students with advanced degrees” and lists each department.

If you want more info on writing job descroptions that stand out, we have more tips for you here. And if you want to post a job on Linkedin (and maybe even make this list next year) vist LinkedIn Jobs to get started.

Methodology: This list was compiled by analyzing the jobs in the U.S. with the highest number of job views in 2017.

*Image from Disney

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