1. I like the package. How do I apply?

    Please fill the Apply Now form here. We will reach out to you if you meet the required conditions.

  2. I need more information on the package before I buy. Can someone get in touch?

    Please fill the Learn More form here and we will respond in 24 working hours.

  3. I am an existing LinkedIn customer and would like to avail the benefits of this package.

    We are glad you found this exciting, but you do not meet the requirements  for the package. However, you may contact your relationship manager for products that suit your requirement.

  4. What is the duration of the package?

    All products in the package are valid for upto 6 months.

  5. I have filled the Apply form, can I avail the package now?

    The availability of the package is limited. You will hear from us  in 3 weeks, if you meet the eligibility criteria and are selected for the offer.

  6. I want to buy additional licenses

    Additional licenses are not available as a part of this package. Contact us to purchase additional licenses. The package pricing will not apply to the purchase of licenses.

  7. I want to buy more than 1 package

    This package is limited to one per organization

Order Processing & Payment

  1. What is the currency for payment?

    All payments will be in INR

  2. Is this a pre-paid or billing service?

    This is a pre-paid service

  3. How do I place the order?

    a). The availability of this package is limited in quantity. You can express interest through the Apply Now form here.

    b). Upon selection, you will need to fill an additional form which will capture details required for creation of a contract and payment method.

  4. How do I make the payment? 

    You can make the payment through Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

    If your preferred payment method is Credit Card, you will receive the Credit Card authorization form along with the contract. Once this is filled, your Credit Card will be charged INR 99,000.

    If your preferred payment method is Bank Transfer, you will receive LinkedIn’s bank details along with the Invoice. You will be required to add LinkedIn as a beneficiary and initiate transfer of fund.

  5. By when do I have to make the payment?

    You will be required to make the payment within 14 days of receiving the contract.

  6. I want a refund

    There will be no refund offered post purchase of this package.


  1. How many logins are possible with a single license?

    Recruiter/Job Postings/Premium subscriptions will be provided single-user logins.

  2. Who can use the product?

    This SMB package can be used across the organisation by various teams:
    Premium Subscription - CEO/COO/Founder/Co-founder
    Recruiter/Jobs - Your Talent Magnet (HR Chief)
    Sponsored Content - Your Marketing Genius

  3. How many people in my company can sponsor content on behalf of the company?

    Once you have activated your campaign, you can assign admin access to X users by linking your company page to their LinkedIn account.


  1. Who will guide me on product usage?

    All products in the package are simple and easy to use. All products are supported by online help centers and details to contact support teams.


  1. How does the package renewal work?

    This package is not available for renewal. You may buy the products you wish to continue using separately.