Methodology Webcast

Watch the recorded webcast or read below to understand how we rank over 60,000 firms, to find the top 25.

How do we discover LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies?

We take into account the social reach, employee engagement, employment brand and content marketing power of search and staffing firms on LinkedIn. We do this by investigating thousands of data points, over the past year, for more than 60,000 Search and Staffing companies listed on LinkedIn.  

The data measures the top companies in the recruitment industry and the results are categorised by agency size as follows:

  • Large Global Firms – 500+ employees on LinkedIn.
  • Medium Enterprises – between 50 and 499 employees on LinkedIn.
  • Specialist Boutiques – less than 50 employees on LinkedIn.
We measure the ranking using key areas:

Content Marketing: An Agency’s content efforts measured by members’ engagement with that content.

  • Content – Groups, Company Updates, Sponsored Updates, Influencer and Employee posts and Employee shares.
  • Member engagement – likes, shares, comments, follows and clicks.

Social Recruiting: How effective your consultants are at:

  • Establishing professional brand through profile completeness and rich content.
  • Finding the right people and engaging with Insights.
  • Building relationships with our members.

Social Reach and Social Engagement: An Agency’s presence on LinkedIn, measured as our member’s:

  • View and apply for Jobs.
  • Follow your Company Page.
  • Research a Career Page.