Optimize your LinkedIn Jobs strategy by adding a LinkedIn Jobs Conversion Pixel to your website or Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The pixel tracks how many candidates view your LinkedIn Jobs, click "Apply", and complete the application within 30 days. Data can be viewed within the Jobs Performance Report in Recruiter.

You’ll be able to understand how many candidates drop off over time and how changes to your application experience can improve your LinkedIn Jobs conversion rates.

Here’s how you can install the Jobs Conversion Pixel:

1. Sign in to Recruiter and click “Conversion Tracking” under the Jobs tab
2. Select your point of applicant collection (either an ATS or your website)

3. Add the pixel into either the body section of your website’s HTML or the application completion page of your ATS

4. Begin tracking jobs in your Jobs Analytics Report

In addition, you can also track LinkedIn-sourced applicants directly in your ATS. Reach out to your account team or relationship manager for more information.