“The most important search engine is still the one in your mind.”

This statement makes a profound point all marketers should internalize about buyer behavior: most purchases start not by searching Google, but by searching our memory. If you believe most buyer behavior starts with memory, it then follows that the primary job of marketing is not to generate clicks, but instead to generate memories. 

When it comes to building “brand-relevant memories,” there is no one better than Professor Jenni Romaniuk, who wrote the book on what she calls “Category Entry Points” (CEPs). The following paper explains: 

•  Why CEPs are important.
•  How to identify, prioritize, and build CEPs. 
•  How to turn CEPs into “Mental Availability Metrics” to measure. 
•  How building CEPs leads to increased customer acquisition and customer retention.

All marketers need better ways to link brand advertising to brand sales, and this foundational paper on CEPs, written in collaboration with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, helps you do just that. Read on to discover how CEPs can introduce clarity and quantifiable value to your brand messaging strategy.