• Image of Les Binet
    Les Binet

    Head of Effectiveness
  • Image of Peter Field
    Peter Field

    Independent Marketing
    and Advertising Professional
  • Image of Mark Ritson
    Mark Ritson

    Adjunct Professor
    Melbourne Business School
  • Image of Fran Cassidy
    Fran Cassidy
    Owner, Cassidy Media
    Partnership and Marketing and
    Advertising Consultant
  • Alison Lange Engel
    Alison Lange Engel
    Venture Partner
  • Michael Betz
    Michael Betz
    McKinsey & Company
  • Rob Norman
    Rob Norman
    Senior Advisor
    Group M
  • Rory Sutherland
    Rory Sutherland
    Vice Chairman
    Ogilvy UK
  • Lucie Greene
    Lucie Greene
    Founder Light Years
  • Jenni Romaniuk
    Research Professor
    Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
  • Jason Mander
    Chief Research Officer
  • Orlando Wood
    Orlando Wood
    Chief Innovation Officer
    System1 Group
  • Karen Nelson Field
    Founder and CEO
    Amplified Intelligence
Logo of IPA
Logo of the University of South Australia | Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

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