With the recent collapse of our nation's regional banks, the steady rise of entrepreneurship, and the convergence of traditional FinServ brands and FinTech Disruptors, it’s more important than ever to recognize that the SMB customer’s needs go beyond bank deposits and withdrawals. The SMB customer has never had more brands to choose from and the brands that understand their needs the best will be the brands that win the market. 

Our latest category entry point (CEP) research collaboration with The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute uncovers what SMB customers really care about when they’re in-market for business banking and payment products, including which brands dominate which CEPs and which whitespaces are open for the taking. Read the full report to learn how to adopt a financially framed, customer-led growth strategy, specifically:

  • Why mental availability is the most important brand metric that FinServ companies should track
  • How CEPs help build mental availability
  • Where to place your bets based on the competitive landscape